Monday, April 9, 2012

Relaxed Easter

While ugly clouds and rain showers kept plowing off the tip of the island into the Caribbean Sea, we were nice and dry, and enjoying a great day at the beach. Finally, Michael's crew's efforts paid off and we had a beautiful, long strand of white sand to enjoy. Even the water (still 80°F - 4 more degrees warmer please) was rid of most of that dratted seaweed (of course, that wasn't Michael's doing other than wishful thinking).

 Kayaking, paddleboarding, bocce ball. lounging...

And the food! For not coordinating, we had a surprising amount and variety of food. All of it delicious (well, we can't speak for the chicken). We had plenty for seconds and thirds and still had lots to split for fourths later. Burp.

Hey, forget the Easter bunny - it's a chocolate starfish!

Seriously, how many places can you sprawl out on a pristine, white powdery beach on a holiday and be the only ones there?  Sure - we had to carry all our stuff (and it was a lot of stuff) to the beach (as opposed to just driving our car up to it), but it was worth it.

True perfection.

Can I just say - OMG!

Gotcha Mr Easter Bunny! Oy, my aching back.