Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hey peninsula developers! Quit setting your land on fire to clear brush you're too cheap or lazy to clear the normal way. This is the 3rd one on the same property. If you're going to do such a thing, at least have the fire department down there for damage control in case the fire jumps the road or heads for civilization (like last time). You reading?

Do you ever have dreams and wake up mad at someone? I had a very realistic dream last night involving sailing in the Pacific and Michael did something that has been a point of contention between us since the beginning of time. I woke up all mad at him and could barely look at him when we passed each other this morning (me on the way out for a run; he heading for the shower). He reasonably, said "What?" and I told him not to talk to me. Of course, I then laughed and told him what "he" did. Michael totally understood and admitted he probably would have done the same thing in real life. I think so too. Hrmph. At least we're honest.

So we're still trying to figure out if a trip to Puerto Rico is in the cards to replace Michael's aging wardrobe. I was very excited to read about the Cape Air offering a special from Nevis to San Juan for $199.50US, but then started factoring in the ferry trip/water taxi to Nevis (R/T - $40) and a land taxi to the airport (R/T - $40) and ended up being $20 cheaper than American Airlines (from St. Kitts). I think we'd be willing to pay the extra $20 for less hassle.

Fare prices:

LIAT = $460.70, American Airlines = $300.30, and Cape Air = $199.50  (a good deal if you're already in Nevis).

What I was really surprised about though was the difference in fees between everybody.  I don't know if that's the advantage of leaving from Nevis vs. St. Kitts or what. LIAT adding almost $18/each way to the ticket for a fuel surcharge doesn't help its cause.


 LIAT = $138.70 / AA = $92.30 (who does a crappy job of telling you what they are) / Cape Air = $49.50. The only difference was that Cape Air used Nevis and the other 2 used St. Kitts. 




Does that make sense? By the time you throw in a place to stay (about $75/night for 2 nights) and a rental car (with insurance), we've spent over $500 for just one person and haven't even shopped yet.  It's not that we don't have the $, it's that something stupid like this isn't what we want to spend it on (and no we don't need another vacation in Puerto Rico). So we continue to hem and haw and pretend all those pulls, stains, and holes in Michael's clothes aren't noticeable (thank you folks for not mentioning it).


I'm sorry, but these are hysterical (found at Texts from Hillary Clinton):