Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Day Is This?!

I'm falling behind people!  First up - we celebrated St. George's Day on a slab overlooking the Atlantic. It did look a bit like old England...

What is St. George's Day? We were told that St. George was the patron saint of England, but it seems the day is celebrated in several places around the world. He was a soldier in England in the 7th-8th century and is kind of the equivalent of Ireland's St. Patrick. Facts on the man seem to be rather iffy, but who are we to knock tradition? Of course, tea was swapped for beer. Michael got appointed bartender.

Time for pictures! Rain kept threatening, but we got through most of the evening with just a few sprinkles.

The view was great - I had climbed up there to snap the crowd and got a splinter. Worker's comp!


Darkness started to descend and then the celebration turned into a farewell to yet another pal - Steve-O, headed back to England (should be there now).  It's a good thing there's always a beer crate around. Speech!


I got a picture of a pair of shorts Steve was given as a gift that summed him up pretty well, but every other picture I took came out blurry, so I had to dig into my archives. Sorry Steve-O, but it's all I had.


It eventually started to pour, so we piled inside where the toasts good-bye continued. We'll miss him.


Yesterday, I decided I wanted to create a Facebook Fan Page for Island Babble for two reasons. 1) To get it off of my personal account so I can become Friends (or Fans) with whomever wants to know what's happening on island without letting them into my inner sanctum (so to speak); and 2) To figure out how to make static pages so my calendar, St. Kitts map, Nevis Map, To Do/Discounts listing, Food/Drink listing, and general island links were easily accessible.
Being unable to keep certain Facebook posts readily available is stupid. Not being able to have a list of links is stupid. Not being able to add Friends to the new Fan Page is stupid (you can only Like sites that have their own fan pages so I have to ask all those people with profiles to "like" me instead). Businesses are not supposed to create profiles at all (which have to accept Friends), only pages (liked by Fans), but no one seems to have told them that. Seriously, I can't believe Facebook has come this far.  I spent hours on this yesterday. Thank goodness I know html coding from Blogger and must give a big thanks to third-party apps that helped me get around Facebook's stupidity. I've still got some glitches and a few things to figure out, but after 12 hours thought I'd pull my hair out. Of course, I still have to populate the darn thing (if only I could access it this morning, it just haaaangs)....Why do I do this for free? I have hopes it'll pay off eventually.

I had planned on doing the same thing for A Sail of Two Idiots, but I don't think I have the patience. The blog is going to have to be enough for now. I have my second radio interview early tomorrow afternoon, so I've started preparing for that (as much as one can), and have confirmed that the books are on the ship headed from Miami to St. Kitts so I can now go ahead and confirm May 10th as book signing evening at the Shiggidy Shack. That means I have to make a poster...This after I spent 8 hours sitting on the toilet in a sweltering bathroom last Friday with a green sheet draped over the shower curtain reading an excerpt over and over and over and over again into my laptop's camera for a video. A video I decided was too long and have scrapped for now.  Meaning, I'll have to make another one...The things I spend my days on.

I have also discovered that on that same day as the book signing, May 10th, one of Michael's siblings and her family will be arriving for a week. Aack!

A side note:  If you're on island, keep a look out for a black, old Suzuki Escudo stolen from Shipwreck Tuesday - License:  P8885.