Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Chit Chat

Thanks again for the rain, but we're good now! Today was an atypically all-day dreary day.  It's a good thing I didn't pack away my sweats yet! We don't get many of these rainy days and I suppose Sunday is a good day for it. Especially if you're feeling like doo-doo like Michael is.  Well, was. He woke up with a headache, but it's gone now and he's clamoring for soup and cheering for the Flyers. And drinking a beer. Life is good.

I did play back the interview from yesterday and now understand why stars don't watch their own movies. At least they have editors. If I could just cut.......  I didn't feel that was my best performance (babble, giggle, amazing, um, silence.....), but was flattered that they extended my 10-minute segment to 20. More practice! I've put my portion of the show on the A Sail of Two Idiots Chit Chat page (yes, they gave me permission). I'll keep saying it - thanks for everyone's support and enthusiasm.

So what else? It's been awhile since I talked about our garden. The plants are coming along, veerrry slowly, but they're coming.  Green beans, watermelon, corn, tomatoes...

I can't wait to eat our first self-grown tomato! Something else is eating our cucumbers, unfortunately, and the lettuce is like watching paint dry, but most of it seems to be coming up. Grow! Grow! Grow!

I am a taco and...never mind...