Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And They're Gone Again

That was fun. Our guests, pretty much stayed at the Marriott most of the time enjoying their 2 pools and the beach, so things were pretty easy on our part. One night we had dinner at the Marriott's Pizza Shack (which was good as always), the next night they pigged out before we got there at the Bohemia Beach Pool Bar & Grill, which also was a good place to drink. Denise finally got into her vacation groove and was drinking slushy drinks I'd never heard of and downing Lemon Drop shots. Spring break - wahoo! She was also celebrating a belated round-number birthday. We'll drink to that.

I'm a big fan of the beer on tap, which is a rare find, so tried to stick with that. The view was certainly pretty enough.

We all had a fun time.

That last picture was us goofing off while we waited for some of the group to get ice cream from the Pizza Shack. We've heard from a number of people that it's really good, but I tried a couple of bites and thought it tasted like it had been frozen and re-frozen (like an icee) and wasn't creamy or chocolatey enough. I'll stick to iQueens down at Independence Square (Scoops in Port Zante is good too). An aside to the landscapers who cut the bushes in front of the Pizza Shack:  That concrete bench is for people to sit on while they wait. Because you cut the bush at an angle - like this:  \  (yes it's a forward slash) - when you sit down, the top of the bush pokes you in the back and head. While this provided entirely too much of a giddy laugh for us (drunken some might say), it's really dumb.

So there was no zip lining or a couple of other things on their list, but they did get in some souvenir shopping (thanks for the necklace and earrings!) and golf (no pics thanks to Michael's still water-logged camera). They're used to vacationing with Rich's large family and filling every moment with something, and were relieved to be able to just sleep, eat, and do nothing whenever they felt like it.
They got to enjoy their final meal on St. Kitts at The Beach House. We hadn't eaten there in almost 3 years. We were the only ones there, the service was great, and the food was very good (and filling), but put something vegetarian on the menu! We shouldn't have to ask.

You'll note that for 4 days before The Family's arrival we had rain.  They had nothing but sun their entire visit. As soon as we dropped them off at the airport today, it started pouring. Hard. It poured for a good 30 minutes (& it's gonna be a wet night). By the time I could make a run for the house and get inside our floors were soaked. We found that this happened on our boat too. Every time someone would come visit us, we'd have the most perfect weather and then before the day of his/her departure was even over, we'd be in the midst of some kind of weather-related nightmare. So come visit anytime. Sometimes we have to shore up our tans.

I also had my 3rd radio interview. Of the three I've done, this was definitely the most professional and easiest. That said, I'm really not good at this off-the-cuff stuff and don't think of responses until after I've hung up. The audio isn't posted yet, but I'll put it on the Chit Chat page once it is. So for now, that's it for major promotional events. The rest is up to you people spreading the word. BTW, you're doing a fantastic job of that and I appreciate it.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks (or three), I can start putting together thoughts for the next one.

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