Monday, May 14, 2012

Tours & Beaches

We're trying to intersperse a few actual activities in-between Michael's family beach time, so decided to give them a tour of where Michael spends his days:

General areas - where marina, golf course, houses will be:

Denise did very well considering she's scared of heights and Michael had us 4-wheeling up higher and higher.

Onto Cardinal Point (more houses, amazing views):


Then the Pavilion:

We enjoyed our 15 minutes of fame and I almost tackled Denise for that blueberry.

Ok - beach time! We borrowed some heavy (but comfy) lounge chairs from the Shiggidy Shack, hauled enough stuff to move to the beach for a week, and then enjoyed the usual water sports.

Lots of lounging, reading, chatting. Then it was time to take the stuff back. Michael & Steve were supposed to kayak back towing Ella on the paddleboard. Yeah, that didn't work. Michael's still in the kayak in that 2nd picture.

Ella and Steve in kayak - Michael paddleboarding back was the right combo.

Then it was time for food. We headed to Spice Mill where we knew there was entertainment, in this case The Kore featuring Gharlic.

Most of the Mother's Day crowd had left, but there was one group still having a good time.

A couple of kids enjoyed a song too.

We watched a few people getting their wine on, which brought up some eyebrows from the New Jersey clan. We enjoyed the view and the food and headed back.

I went back and Skyped my Mom, Michael cleaned up, then went back to the Marriott so he and Denise could touch base with their mom (and eat an ice cream), and once again, we were all in bed by 9pm. I've long since ceased being embarrassed by it.  It just is...