Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Hash

So Michael's sister Denise, her husband Rich, and their teen daughter Annette (who's going through text withdrawal after seeing roaming rates) are here visiting. They live on a beach themselves in New Jersey, but are having fun hanging on the beaches here when they're not getting bowled over by the humidity. Yesterday, we took them to S Friar's beach so Annette could snorkel for the first time. She certainly looked ready. Unfortunately, her mask kept fogging up, so she didn't see anything. We would have pictures of this inaugural event, except that Michael's underwater camera filled with water.  We are officially done with Olympus cameras. This was our 3rd one - none of have lasted more than a year - and this one was even their "tough" series and was "locked." Enough.  Annette was using a friend's FujiFilm camera, so I think we'll try that next.

Here's the whole clan:

Then Annette decided to join us in another first for her - hashing.  She's so brave! Her mom decided to stay by the hotel pool (especially when she heard there were no toilets where we were going) and her dad hung back with the hash groupies. This hash was in Mansion, starting in a laaaaarge playing field.  Then it was walk, walk, walk. Annette was looking a little flushed, but she kept up well enough. She plays basketball, but doesn't work out much during the off-season, and wasn't used to the hot, thick air surrounding her either. She did great though and it was fun to walk and chat with her.

She got to see the old sugar mills...

didn't get to see the volcano because it was covered in a thick cloud...

did get to say hi to some cows and a horse...

and got an interesting hike through the rain forest.

The hares had us down in the ghaut, which was thankfully not flowing, and it was pretty cool. With all these tiers, I bet it's pretty amazing when it's gushing from heavy rains.  There were huge tires  to climb down.

And then huge boulders to shimmy down or leap off of. All my pictures of that came out blurry for some reason.

A final cliff (a drop off so sudden that the hares were sure to mark it with tons of ribbon and saw dust)...

and then we were walking in volcanic sand, then coral sand back toward the start.

Annette did great, had fun, and then was shocked by what happened to the hash "virgins" during the initiation ceremony afterwards.  She refused to participate.  Party pooper. Nat and another dad ended up getting a down-down for losing their children (they really did, the runners ran across the missing kids and made them run with them). I agree with Nat - if dogs get anointed for pooping on trails, the kids should have been up there too for running off.

Michael got a down down because he tried to rescue a donkey stuck in the ghaut only to be bit by the ungrateful thing. The nip didn't break the skin, so no Michael won't be getting shots of anything. Mr. X was working the back end and made sure he was away from any kicking action (the other 2 were witnesses).

We took a pooped family back to their hotel and called it a day. We're not sure what's up next - it depends on everyone's energy level.

Of course, it's Mother's Day so I have to give a shout out to my favorite person on the planet and the one I'm most grateful to. Love you Mom!

 I'm friends with my mom. I get along with her real well. Now that I'm old enough to have children I'm regretting virtually everything I said to her until I was 30. - Brett Butler