Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Just giving you readers with interests here a heads-up that St. Kitts & Nevis went under a Tropical Storm Warning this morning. This system actually just intensified to a tropical depression, so is not that strong yet thanks to all that dry air, but warm waters and low wind shear seem to be winning out and letting the storms organize and intensify. You can see that we're actually on the outer edge of the cone, so shouldn't see the brunt of the storm. Unfortunately, Dominica and parts of Guadeloupe get that privilege. If you want to see how close it'll get, you can use Storm Carib's How Close Can it Get? tool.

Note - I draw those annotations on there so you can see where we are, but since I'm not on my computer and don't have my tools, this is a pain in the butt. I won't be doing many of these.

Of course, this system is still hundreds of miles away, so any wiggle can change things. And of course, we've given away our water, our canned goods, our batteries....I'm not expecting overly high winds with this, but you still never know when the power or water's going to go out - one thing doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the other - so we are going to have to prepare a bit. We'll just keep an eye on things. If it continues as is, then I'm not really worried about it. I"m more worried about the timing of the system behind this one. We need these to move past us before Monday. Plus, we get to worry about it on both ends - here and in Florida. We're going to need a vacation after all this.

Get your errands done today and early tomorrow and I'll update this post with any changes as I check in periodically.

This was pretty this morning (a tropical wave is leading the way for TD9 so is bringing us some pre-weather).

On a different subject: This is Michael giddy about getting rid of his stained, holey, and ripped work clothes.

This is a tie that has gotten around more than the Travelocity gnome. That stupid Christmas tie is over 20 years old (there are Santas all over it)! A broker I worked with at the stock exchange gave it to him (and yes, assuming our boxes don't get ransacked, lost, or sent to the bottom of the sea, that tie will make an appearance in the Keys as well). Weird.


I'm glad to see my former treadmill is being put to good use. That's sort of what I looked like when I used it too (well, maybe after).