Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dodged Another One

I've been waking up at 2:30am every morning since Saturday. I don't know why. I'm starting to look and feel like a zombie. So guess what time it started raining? Exactly 2:30am this morning, although that said, we didn't have much rain at all.  It's windy out there today, but reportedly hadn't been much out of the 20mphs. The highest gusts in the worst of it had been 50mph, which those were over Guadeloupe, so we were never going to get killer winds. Rain soaked the island south of us, but we pretty much stayed in a clearing through this morning.

You could see that after a full day of rain yesterday, the people to our southeast were about to get some more. A lot more. There has already been a lot of flooding in Trinidad, the Windwards, and southern Leewards so more rain is not a good thing. Around us, things are a big sloppy mess (the storm is 1000 miles wide! - not all tropical strength, of course),


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We got out there and took a few shots of the beaches. S Frigate Bay Beach/The Strip has quite the churning sea. It even attracted a surfer (I think it was too choppy for that). 

The beach itself is taking another beating. We helped move some picnic tables away from the surge. There might be a steeper cliff here later.

N Friar's Beach just over Timothy Hill had some fun tumblers. Probably too much of a rip tide for a surfer though.

S Friar's Beach was about as miniscule as The Strip.

Shipwreck was one of the few bars that were open - with or without their beach.

You can see that their swim platform was getting warped. It would have been one heck of a ride on there. It made me green just looking at it.

At first we thought the paddleboard place (SUP) was gone, but it looks like they got their stuff back from the waves (barely).

People with boats here still ask me what I would do if we still had one in the water. Well, initially I would have gone around to Dieppe Bay. It was obvious the storm was going to stay south-ish and there had never been any predictions of high winds, so being on the other side of the island behind the reefs would have been fine. When I saw that the storm was starting to go farther south and not building in strength, I would have stayed in White House and that's what I recommended. Well, a few boaters paid a whole bunch of money to haul their boats out and now regret it. I've been right every time but one - when Earl came through. I would have called that wrong and we would have ended up on the rocks. All it takes is once, so I always tell boaters that they have to make the decisions for themselves. White House is a bit swelly today, but nothing major (like what's going down at The Strip).

Heading back to Frigate, you could see that the day wasn't too bad today.

Rumor had it that that American Airlines had cancelled flights through the 28th, but Michael talked to them this morning and was told that it was just a rumor. Yes, flights were cancelled yesterday (Wed) and today (Thur) simply because of a warning (they could easily have landed here - we just saw LIAT approaching), but they expected to fly tomorrow (Fri). You can check here for what's landing and what's not landing at the SKB airport. AA is telling us that we can still get out on Monday, but if they get scared again about what's coming at Florida, they can cancel the flight as we sit on the St. Kitts tarmac or divert us to Puerto Rico. With 2 cats. Lovely. Let's keep our finger's crossed shall we?