Monday, October 26, 2009

Anniversary Hashing Day 4 - The Finale

Whewy! We have officially retired our pirate gear. We had a good time yesterday, but are ready to not have anything to do again for a few days.

So how did this end? Oh yes. Yesterday around 1, we headed for the dock. There's Jacumba!

And we're not getting on her! Ha! We're getting on this one instead and I don't have to drive it - wahoo!

Mike couldn't help crewing though (he said it was different since it wasn't "his" boat).

There he and the other show-offs are passing us on the way over.

Even though we used to anchor right behind it, I had never seen the interior of Shiggidy Shack's boat. I was impressed at how decked out it was. Lots of seating, a sun shade, even a couple of clean heads (toilets if you haven't learned by now)! Good job Mr. X!

We had a nice motor over to Nevis. Check out this wake. I love speed!

We got to our destination and were attacked by other pirates - Shiver me timbers!

Apparently the first 2 boats of St Kitts hashers got doused with water balloons as they tried to disembark. The attackers had run out by the time we got there. Lucky for them or we would have fed 'em to the fishes! Upon arrival, we did a quick "live" hash, where you just keep up with the lead person (the hare) as they walk or run along in front of you (no laying/following of sawdust or ribbons). We even started with a little plank walking.

Here are the runners.

We ended up on a really pretty beach for a bit.

Tropical little swampy area too.

Then it was time for food. We were prepared this time with our own fake chick patties - yummy.


A couple of quick belches and then it was time for the games! First up was the coconut throw. We were lucky enough to have a shot-put champion on our team, Krista, and she won it for the "girls" and for our team, the Scurvy Dogs. Aa-wooooo.

Then the guys were up and the cheating started (you can't throw it like a football!). Darn pirates. Next up, the "dunk the towel in the sea, pass it along a line of people, and wring the water into a bucket until it's full" game. More sneakiness going on (no tossing! stop skipping people!), but this time the Scallywags won it.

Now for the "3-legged race," but with 3 people tied to each other (Tina & I book-ended Michael). Not only did Tina have one of her legs tied to Mike's, but so did I. AND Tina & I had to have both our eyes covered, while Mike had to cover one of his. Here we are practicing. The 2nd picture is of our tag team.

We're underway! Tiffany howling...

We kicked some serious booty, tagged our next team members and then watched as another team basically picked up their middle person (you know the only one that supposedly could see) and plowed us over. Blimey, you bilge-sucking sandbaggers!

Of course, the mini-swashbucklers couldn't be left out, so they had an egg toss.

At one point, someone on our team went after the flag of another team, but was only able to rip the fake parrot off of the top. A sand-wrestling match ensued and by the end, the parrot was no-more. Picture feathers floating in the air. A moment of silence please.

Then it was time for the "spin around the stick a few times, run (stagger really) to a cup of a beer, drink it without using your hands, run back and tag the next person" game. Here's Mikey, Kathleen, and Tina doing their thing while our captain, Tiffany screams at them.

It worked, we won that one! AA-woooooo!! Next up, the tug-of war. We were against some bigger players, unfortunately, but we put up one heck of a fight (both sides are nursing rope burns, thank you very much). Here's our team. I love the woman in white cheering us on (I think she was from Antigua).

Here's the other team.

Despite the fact that Mike tied the rope-end to a beached dinghy to help anchor us (very swarthy move), we still lost. Well, it was worth a shot. The munchkin buckos got a go at it too.

In the end, between points deducted for cheating, getting our flag stolen twice, forgetting our flag once, and stealing people's pirate money, we lost to the Scallywags. Hrmph. We think, since we WERE pirates after-all, that we should have been AWARDED points for our treachery! Aargh!

Of course, there are always punishments, but the worst offense was perpetrated by Paddy. He dropped, not one but TWO, cases of beer and had to be drawn & quartered for it. Ok, maybe not that, but he did have to sit in a container of ice & water and chug not one but two beers as we sang to him. He was even guarded to make sure he sat as long as it took to soak up all that nice, cold water.

Of course, he then ran around putting ice down everyone else's pants (including mine). Paybacks are a bitch, so wait until next hash...Then there was Laura, you remember her (where DOES she get these outfits?). She was called out for diving for some pirate money and hiding it in no one else could get to it. Uh, keep the change please.

By now it was around 6pm and time to head over to White House Bay for some fireworks. I'm not sure what this was about, but know that Mike was certainly feeling no pain at this point (doubt he can say the same this morning though). I still remembered how I felt Saturday morning, so was a good girl (mostly).

There happened to be one sailboat anchored in White House and I thought - this is exactly how boater "moments" happen. Here they were probably sitting in their basement (how I look at monohulls) reading a book enjoying their quiet & solitude, when out of nowhere, 3 motorboats full of pirate-attired, sun-burned, sweaty children & adults descended upon them in the darkness screaming "Aargh," "Aa-woo," and aiming plastic swords at each other. There were several minutes of fireworks with us whooping & hollering in appreciation and then we were off, leaving them in sudden silence. They'll never have any idea what any of that was about and will have a seriously weird story to tell their pals.

The fireworks were really good. Happy 15-year St. Kitts Hash House Harrier Anniversary!

Then it was time to head back to Frigate Bay.

I must mention how relaxed I was knowing I didn't have to anchor in the dark, nor would I have to clean up after these people once they all got off. Awesome!

So there it is (Thanks again for some of the pictures Krista!). Just in case, we haven't had enough dress-up, we're heading to a Halloween party at the Marriott on Saturday. We will NOT be pirates, THAT I know.