Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anniversary Hashing Day 3

First the hike. I have to admit we were dragging a little (maybe more than a little) after such a night of debauchery only hours before. This one was in Parson's Estate where we've hashed once before.

And like last time, we got lost. I was with Tina & a few others in the back of the crowd and we ended up losing the trail and never found it again. Hrmph. We ended up backtracking and going back pretty much the way we came. That's no fun! Aargh (oy, my aching throat)!!! Next time I stay in the front! Still got a few pictures of the area though, as did Michael as he wandered around lost with his own group.

We all had a run-in with a wild cow for a little excitement too. I would have taken a picture, but I was too busy running in the other direction and screaming like a little girl.

There weren't too many punishments meted out this time, but this guy got a "down down" because he wasn't wearing pirate garb as much as he was being a "man in tights."

Everyone hung out and ate a little, some participated in a treasure hunt, and then headed home to get ready for dinner.

Seems weird to be just hanging out and swilling beer (or water) in the midst of ruins where, not really all that long ago, this was a bustling sugar cane plantation.

Dinner was at Manhattan Gardens. The place was nice, but they need to work on their signage (even the locals had no idea it was there). Again, the hash volunteers did an awesome job of decorating and organizing activities. I mean, we're pooped after days of just taking part in all the events - they had to come up with, coordinate all this stuff, participate, and then clean up after us. Three Har Har's to the buccaneers & wenches who made all this happen.

It was a place big enough to handle our crowd and which did a good job with the food (as far as us vegetarians were concerned). Cole slaw, salad, macaroni & cheese, rice & beans, dessert....meat (rrr). Here's pirate Michael getting his grub (he's lucky he didn't get thrown to the sharks with that man purse).

There was a Jack Sparrow look-alike contest, but it really was no contest. Here's Laura (remember the WOMAN with dog & their cojones from Day 2?) with Tina.

A few other costumes.

I really love Steve's "hair." I was calling him pirate Fabio and swooning appropriately.

Percy, the Hash Master, then regaled us with the history of the St. Kitts chapter of the Hash House Harriers. Back in 1993, he did his first hash in Antigua and wanted to figure out how to get a hash group started in St. Kitts; so they put him in touch with Peter (Popcorn) who was being transferred from the Antiguan British embassy to one in St. Kitts and could show him how it was done. Peter set one upon his arrival for a bunch of Trinidadians, so that was the first unofficial hash. (Yes, us hashers travel to hash - there were people from Antigua & Tortola at today's). A few months later, some Antiguan hashers came over to help Percy set his first one and the St. Kitts Hash House Harriers was born. So 15 years later, here we are! Har Har to Peter & Percy!

We're actually considering trying to do the biannual (every 2 years) world hash. It'll be in Borneo (Malaysia). If we don't make this one, we definitely want to try for the next. Looking at some of the attendance numbers per Wikepedia, some of these world hashes have up to 5500 people! And how often would you think to go some place like Borneo?

But I digress...It was then on to trivia. It was about 9:30pm by then and Mike & I were barely awake so decided to help answer the nautical questions and then head back to our home port. For some pirates, the siren calling them is the sea. For us it was our bunk. Gosh that felt good.

Once again, a lot of our pictures came out blurry (sucks taking pictures at night), so we didn't get as many as we wanted to, but you get the idea. Here are a few from the other night taken from Krista's camera - thanks Krista!! Why do you think Mike's always at the pointy end of the sword? Hmm.

Today? On to Mr. X's catamaran(s) and over to Nevis for a supposedly short & easy hike and then games on the beach to see which teams walk the plank and which ones go on to infamy (maybe both). There are even supposed to be fireworks afterwards. Wow!.