Monday, March 22, 2010

Beach Time

Hi Gang,

Nothing much happening, so this one will be short.

John had a going away bonfire party for Lena at The Godfather Friday - a party that turned out to be 6 of us. You can't say I didn't do my part.

Lena then got to deal with the British Airways strike on her way back home to Sweden (via London). Travel is so much fun.

Yesterday we headed to Sandy Bank beach again. The waters and currents around here are so strange. The last couple of times we went down there, the ocean looked pretty calm, but the cove had some body-surfing-sized swells there. This time the ocean looked rather angry, but the cove was not only calm, but shallow. Where Michael, Hans, & Kristen had recently snorkeled, I waded right up to and stared straight down into the shallow waters.

Here's Michael walking where he had been surfing just a few days before.

It was kind of like they warn you it is before a tsunami. The water leaves only to come roaring back...That didn't happen this time.

And brace yourself now. This is going to be a rare sight caught on film. Renee is in the water. That's right. I got in...

The water was so much warmer this weekend. It's really weird. Of course, we got in and then it started raining. The rain was really cold so it was warmer to stay in the ocean. For about 10 minutes. I started to then lose feeling in my fingers while the rain started pounding down harder. I have to admit, the water bouncing off the water was really cool (what a great picture that would have been), but I REALLY needed to get out. The sun came out just long enough for me to get some of the blueness out of my fingers and the tingling began, but it was a full hour before my nails were pink again.

Today it's windy which is a nice change. Next weekend we'll think of something to do lest we all get bored. Easter weekend should be pretty busy for us, so stay tuned.