Monday, March 15, 2010

Shiggidy Dancing, Snorkeling, Monkeys, Beaches

Well, after hitting just about every beach on the Peninsula and slipping pool visits in-between, our pals Kristen & Hans should be thoroughly thawed out and ruefully back in what are hopefully the last days of winter in Philly. Let's remind them of their trip, shall we?

Here are a few more pictures of us at the Shiggidy Shack on Thursday. That's me maneuvering a pallet on the fire. Well, trying anyway, I was assisted before I hurt myself.

Hans & Kristen dancing to Lena's tunes. That mystical white film is not a camera malfunction but smoke billowing out of the kitchen providing a free sauna for a few minutes there.

One day, Kristen & Hans tried a little snorkeling off of a tiny rock beach by our place in an area that looked promising, but didn't see much.

We fit in a quick happy-hour at The Dock Friday night to give them a chance to socialize with new folks and hung out on the pier a bit.

Michael made his "famous" grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, while Hans whipped up a few Painkillers. They did not disappoint.

The day before they left we stocked up on food, refreshments, and toys and headed to Sandy Bank/Turtle Beach for some fun in the sun. There are no facilities there, so most people avoid this beach. Good for us/bad for them. It's long, has awesome white sand, wind, and is one of my favorite places to go. It has no shade though so after hours of being in the sun and despite constant slatherings of suntan lotion, we all got a bit pink. It was worth it though.

The 3 musketeers tried to snorkel a bit, but were cold and unimpressed, so didn't stay out there long. They did see a few lobster though (the camera was zonked by then).

After the beach, we immediately went to the pool and hung out there until the sun set. That's us screaming "Wahoo! Spring Break!!!!" into the camera. It was our motto all week (if Hans was on spring break so were we).

If you only knew how hard this picture was to take. Hans set the timer and then raced across slippery rocks and walls to get into position. That would explain him teetering on the end there. Party on, Dude!

Ok, enough of that. Time for pizza! Our pal Nat made us some pizza dough, lent us some awesome pizza-making gadgets, and left us some important pizza-making instructions. We made and scarfed down all three pizzas in less than half an hour. They were absolutely fantastic.

In the morning we regretted that we hadn't left ourselves a piece or two for breakfast. We will definitely be doing that again.

The final day, we took Kristen & Hans around to show them what Michael's been up to work-wise and headed to Shipwreck for one more dip in the Caribbean Sea and some lunch.

Of course, we have to have the requisite pictures of monkeys at Shipwreck (monkeys are like sunsets,you can't take too many pictures of them). That's sugar cane they're eating. Someone should show these guys how to brush their teeth or else I see dentures in their future.

Then it was off to the airport. Boo.

We've really been having fun with these visits, so who's next?!

Kristen, the kitties miss you! (of course, only at night though).