Monday, July 19, 2010

Sun! Oh, never mind...

So this morning I took a picture of sunny skies

so that I could refer back to it when this next batch of clouds/rain pushes through (I can hear the thunder now...)

and I go back into my bleh mood.

All I know is that if it doesn't stop it, Michael & I are going to turn into fat slugs as all this rain is making us hungry. Why is that?

Last night we tried a vegan (no animal products whatsoever, including milk) roast. I have to tell you...even if you're a meat person, you should really try this (it's not made from soy, so you soy-consistency haters would like it; and it doesn't have nuts in it either, which is a plus for me). It was probably one of the best non-meat products we've tried yet and could easily fool meat lovers. It's already stuffed with butternut squash, apples, and mushrooms, has spices added to it and is baked like any other roast. Mike put some garlic on it and basted it with a broth he made, and it was incredibly moist and really tasty. It's nice to have it already spiced and it's got less calories and fat than the real thing; so if you're just looking for something different, I highly recommend it. I'm glad I bought 2, and will definitely buy again.

Look at this meal people. And people wonder what vegetarians eat?

And here we go again...sigh.

Is it too early to eat some kielbasa stew?