Friday, August 27, 2010

For Subscribers

So I see I have 10 diehards that have subscribed to the blog. Something weird has happened since Google took over the provider of that service and I need to cancel the current setup and do it again. Google allows me to deactivate this setup and create a new one, but my password to the original company no longer works and I don't know if they'll keep sending you blog updates despite my deactivation. The problem is that if you comment from the email, the comment goes somewhere very strange. So...

I'm going to ask you to unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of your email. Wait a day, go back to the blog ( and then subscribe again (if you want). Hopefully that'll fix it.

I suggest you subscribe if you're interested in our life on St. Kitts and enjoy reading about what we're up to here. If you're just trying to find out what's happening on island (see calendar) or looking for restaurant listings, forums, discounts, etc. then a quick check of the links and other pages (on the right-side of the blog) are all you need (and the email subscription doesn't provide those).

Fun having you fans and all you newbies as well. Now let's hope I don't get knocked offline by a nasty hurricane.