Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birthday Boy

Well our little party for 2 was a lot of fun and Michael was happy with his new stuff. He was due for a toast (using some of our new stuff - wine "glass," new shirt, Off! fan...Cheers for the Old-er Man! Cheers

Then it was time for some gift opening. A watch! Michael & I both go through watches the way we do sunglasses, so never spend a lot on these things. He actually picked this one out in Puerto Rico and luckily, even the less expensive watches can look stylish these days. Let the bets begin on how long this one will last.

And then he found himself really stylin' in his new rain jacket.

Since his guys won't work in the rain (although they had no problem partying in it at the Monkey Bar during Hurricane Earl), he has to, so needed to replace his moldy boat rain gear.

Is that a pizza stone? And a pizza cutter, to boot?

Let's eat!

Before I headed into where I go for the day, I whipped up some pizza dough and cut up a bunch of fixin's and then crossed my fingers that the dough would rise and that it would all taste good when we actually went to eat it later. What's great about pizza is that you almost always have what you need in the cupboards/fridge to make it (perfect when you don't have a car). It's a no-stress prep and pretty much a no-brainer (perfect for me!)

The dough did rise and it got crispy, but it didn't really brown. Hmmm. It still tasted good though.

The other great thing about pizza is that there's really no clean up (just a rinse of the new stone and 2 new plates). Of course, during this process we now realized we need something called a pizza peel (I had to look it up once I got there in the recipe)...Christmas!

Then it was time for - ta da! Gharardelli fudge cupcakes! Happy Birthday to Mikey....(thanks Jim & Wendy, that was from you!).

Even I could make these and they were delicious! So Friday night will be where we celebrate with everyone else and that should do it. Thanks to everyone (his Facebook fan-club was incredible) for making Michael feel special for his big day. Mom, you're the best!