Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Rain

Wow - rain-wise, this is worse than any named storm we've had yet. It's certainly gusty too (other islands are reporting around 50 knots, but I doubt we're over 25/30). The next round of nastiness is still "just" a low pressure system too. Well, whatever they want to call it - I want it to go away.windy

I'm a little curious where this cruise ship was headed - I doubt with the surge up they could dock anywhere (like this idiot). Stinks for those people on-board. Chances are that wherever they're going next is going to be a wet one too.

Remember that road they told us to "take our chances" on? Well, if you were a pedestrian, you were swimming later today. I hate it when that happens. Here are a few pictures. I'm a bit curious how that road is doing further north - you'll remember that it didn't too well through Hurricane Earl, so I'm doubting it's liking this.

The latest weather on the radio station said it was partly cloudy with 9 knots of wind. It was so pleasant out that the gov't had canceled its flood warning. What planet was that forecaster on? I just checked the site the radio dude supposedly got that highly incorrect information from and it doesn't say anything like that. Not only is it still raining, but the radar shows more on the way. Other Kittitians on Facebook confirmed the same thing I was experiencing - sideways rains and high winds (one ding dong was putting his storm shutters out, although that was a bit extreme - sheesh).

It is in the 70s, which I thought was chilly, but then it mentioned Philly was 55 degrees and raining (too), so I decided I liked my weather better. The question is whether it'll be like this again tomorrow. I don't see it on the radar, but it is being forecast. Boo. I guess, that means I'll have another day of cats attached to my lap. Days like this make me hungry. Not that those last 2 sentences had anything to do with each other. The cats are safe, but a pizza sounds good. Brownies. French fries. Soup. If only we had the ingredients for any of those things. Guess I'll go get a yogurt. Hrmph.

No, rainy days like this make me want to be playing dominoes and drinking rum punches on a sailboat. Although that same sailboat would be bouncing around in a harbor experiencing southerly swells vomit; the windows would likely be leaking; and our cushions, walls, and clothes would be molding - ok, never mind.

If forecasts are right, the seas are going to stay stirred up a bit as any winds continue to come from the south. Does that mean more body surfing at Sandy Bank this weekend (to the north, but the swells could swish around)? We will see...