Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day & Good Friday Day

So kids are supposed to be out flying kites today, but there is absolutely NO wind. None. Can you tell from this picture how stagnant the air is? It's almost "foggy." The only way there is going to be any kite flying is if the kite is outside the window of a fast-moving car...

Tomorrow is going to be a hot one too - so the participants in all the Shiggidy Anniversary events will need to drink a lot of water. Mosquitoes are out in full force again too, so let's start stocking up on our repellent, shall we?

Here's what's probably sucking up our air.

Apparently no one told this system that hurricane (and tropical system) season doesn't start until June 1st...A little rain did come with this trough as it passed the other night, which conveniently put out that peninsula fire, so no complaints. Michael said he took pictures of the scorched earth, but he must have had his camera off because I didn't find any on the memory card...Back out he's going to have to go (at least he has today off).

As far as Earth Day, can I just say that I love animals? This video of a penguin being tickled is just adorable. For you folks getting this blog entry via email, I've noticed that any embedded items are not being included. If you want to see the video - click here or go directly to the blog site.

I saw this video a while ago too and can't help but smile. Look how gentle that dolphin is with the cat!

Ok, kids are cute too (video).

Just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Happy Earth Day!

The other day, some Christian folks came up and invited us to an Easter event to "celebrate Christ's death." I thought, hmmm, that doesn't sound quite right. I'm pretty sure they're celebrating his resurrection, which is a bit more cheerful, but why split hairs. Whatever you're celebrating today, I hope you all have a great day.