Monday, August 15, 2011

Sandy Bank Stupidity

What a great beach weekend this was.

I walked/ran back and forth for a couple of hours (running into friends also walking), came back to float in the water a bit, Michael got a hold of my mp3 player, and then this happened.

If that wasn't enough I got to witness Michael's version of synchronized swimming.

And chair dancing.

I demanded my 1/2 of the earplugs and we then started some karaoke, which we haven't done since our other life, lounging on our catamaran trampoline in the quiet anchorage of White House Bay. It's a good thing no one came down on "our" end of the beach; it wasn't pretty. I think we got a serotonin overdose.

We arrived home to notice only one cat greeting us at the door. I went upstairs to find poor Jack stuck outside on the balcony. The poor guy had been locked outside with no water and a little shade all day. MICHAEL!! This is the 3rd time a certain someone has locked Jack out like this. He is soooooooooooo lucky that it hasn't rained any of those times. I won't say which male is luckier. I'm pretty sure if we had had kids, Michael would have been one of those parents who forgets their munchkin in the backseat, accidentally leaving the sleeping child in the car until a neighbor rings the doorbell (um, I think you forgot something...). An aside - leather seats in warm climates are really stupid.

We had planned on going to an Emancipation Concert at the Brimstone Hill Fortress this afternoon, but it's hard to quit liming once you're in the groove. I'm sure it would have been spectacular.

Another week begins.