Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zumba with Elvis

Another person who goes out of their way to promote St. Kitts (and her tours of it) is Liz Pereira. She's the Facebook queen and put word out about Zumba at Elvis's Love Shack on The Strip in Frigate Bay on Saturday morning. While $15EC (about $5.50US) per class is a bit steep, most aerobics classes here are $10EC, I couldn't resist the chance to work out at a beach bar.

Don lead the pack and got his groove on. I love these aerobics instructors. You'll remember that I was attending kickboxing classes late last year and the guys who headed that were also full of enthusiasm and exuberance.

We had a little break in-between where a fellow exerciser led the class in some stretches. She later helped me get a little more "seductive" during our salsa lessons (I was too "bouncy").

As with the kickboxing classes, Don swapped out the music for more local fare, with us jumping up to popular songs such as Follow de Leader by the Soca Boys and Dollar Whine by Byron Lee, then to salsa (teaming up to dance with sweaty partners), with even some hip hop where we were supposed to look cool. I'm pretty sure Don was trying not to laugh in our faces. We used weights every once in a while and I loved how they had beans in them or something so they sounded like maracas.

What was Elvis doing during all this hard work? Fishing.

If interested, be at Elvis's Love Shack at 10am on Saturdays and be prepared to learn a few new steps to impress your friends with the next opportunity you get.

Afterwards, Michael & I decided to take advantage of the fact that he wasn't working on a Saturday for a change and headed to the beach. We've been rained out of several Sundays now, so wanted to take advantage of a sunny day. Sun, Sun, Sun!!

The water has warmed up again too, so after running a few beach lengths, I dove in and floated until I turned into a prune. Although it's pouring at the moment, the sun is still out so it looks like today will be a mix.

Did I mention that I really appreciate my hunter cats? The other night, I noticed them sitting on a bathroom sink and staring up very agitated. When I went in and looked up, I saw this.

AACK! That's almost a big as what we used to get in Arizona. I got it down with a broom and couldn't get to it before the cats did. Last night was another rather small centipede. The kitties had been completely zonked, heads tucked upside down all cat-like, when all of a sudden Zura was off and Jack was up like a prairie dog (how do they know??). I got up, turned on the light, and watched the wiggly intruder try to hide from its attackers to no avail. I always wondered if the cats got stung and saw Zura licking her paw, so guess they do. They stuck with it though until I could remove Mr. Pede from our presence. Yep, these two really do earn their keep. Thanks guys!