Monday, August 22, 2011

Operation Future/RAGS Concert Postponed

Today the sun is out, but I can still hear the sea slapping the shore and considering the seashore isn't quite that close to us, that's saying something.  The St. Kitts airport registered 4.1 inches of rain over the weekend, so we're pretty happy to have some sun to soak it up. There are some scattered showers on the radar, but if we have more sun than clouds over the next few days I think we'll all be happy.

We had yet another hour-long power outage last night. Hey, newly privatized electric company - knock it off!  How about you team up with Lime, Chippie, & Digicel and put out texts to customers that you're planning on turning off their power? It's called customer service.

Unfortunately, TS Irene ruined travel plans for the RAGS group that was planning to put on a concert by former Canadian gang members that I mentioned in a previous post, which means they have to postpone the concert.

Note though, that the gang conference will be held as planned and is open to anyone. I've uploaded documents I received about the event HERE, but below is the Agenda so you can see if it's something you're interested in attending:

Rescue from the abyss: An Interdisciplinary Approach to youth, crime and violence

University of Medicine and Health Sciences (St. Kitts) August 23rd & 24th @ 9:00 to 4:00
Main Auditorium  (MAP)


Day 1:
9:00: Singing of our National Anthem
9:05: Opening Prayer: Ms. Vanieta Shaw (Operation Future)
9:10: Brief introduction of Facilitators
9:20: Opening Remarks: Commissioner C.G. Walwyn, Royal St. Christopher & Nevis Police Force
9:30: Daniel MacMullin, B.A., LL.B. (Operation Future)
“Rescue from the Abyss – An Interdisciplinary Approach to Youth, Crime and Violence”
10:15: Morning Break (15 minutes)
10:30: His Honour Judge Linton Smith, Saskatchewan, Canada Provincial Court. “Restorative Justice – utilizing the community, a holistic approach to Justice”
11:30: Ms. Jacqui Wasacase, Director Regina Anti-Gang Services (RAGS). “An introduction and program overview of RAGS.” (RAGS Documentary Video also to be shown)
12:30: Break for Lunch
1:15: RAGS Presentation, Jacqui Wasacase, Director, Mike Gerrand, Operations and Street Outreach, Aaron Dejarlais, COLORS program and Life Skills.
2:30 Afternoon Break (15 minutes)
2:45 Chief of Regina Police Services Troy Hagen
Chief Hagen is a proponent of community policing and he will discuss the importance of building partnerships within the community, in essence the body is greater than the sum of its parts.
3:30 Video presentation – a video presentation by Sheldon Steinke of Regina Police Services on the inner workings of the protocol with RAGS and Regina Police Services.

3:50 Robert Hurley- former gang member of Native Syndicate
Live performance.

4:00 Wrap up and outline for Day 2 Round Table Discussions

Day 2: Round Table Discussions

9:00: Introduction to Operation Future P.C. Lauston Percival President.

9:20: Mike Gerrand video presentation on Shyne Studios and Robert Hurley a life story and a clients perspective.

10:15: Break into Round Table Groups as outlined by Jacqui Wasacase.
– objective is to develop implementable strategies and implementation plans, each group will have specific focuses.

12:15: Break for Lunch

1:00: Recommence in group and prepare for group presentations (10- 15 minutes)

2:30: Group Presentations

3:30: “Where do we go from here; Action or Inaction?”

4:00: Closing Remarks and Break for day