Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rock Slide!

It seems I spoke too soon on the puny rocks that fell during TS Irene on the Timothy Hill mountain pass. Today the cliff just couldn't take it anymore (WINNFM suggested a small earthquake tremor was a factor, but there's no evidence we had one) and this happened (thanks Liz & Michael):

Did you click on the 1st picture and see the people standing there? Those boulders are HUGE! Good thing no one happened to be passing by on foot or by car when that occurred. There is another way to/from the Southeast Peninsula, but it's a slow one (and not all that solid itself). As a matter of fact, the government is saying to take the "bypass" at your own risk. According to WINNFM, more boulders are teetering and someone is trying to make the bypass safer. I think that cliff could use some shoring up. Remember that fissure picture I showed you from the previous post? S-c-a-r-y!

Someone farther down the peninsula not having a good day either. No one was injured.

I just saw an article from Barbados about all that seaweed I mentioned before too. Other islands also got swamped by it and are worried about sea life and tourism (article). Of course, this all seems rather puny considering what the Turks & Caicos and Bahamas are about to endure. And a 5.8 earthquake just hit the East Coast?? Crazy!!!

NOTE TO MARY KENNEDY: Since I don't have your email, I'll just answer you here. The Marriott has been here since 2006 and is in Frigate Bay, not necessarily "near" Ross, but not that far either. I'm not aware of anyone offering special rates to students or their relatives, but here's some specials Marriott is running for $98/night and any others I know of are on my Activities page. I would think that the Marriott, Timothy Bay Resort, or Ocean Terrace Inn would be your best bets.