Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The latest deal on the Peninsula is that many cars couldn't handle the steep bypass, so started taking their chances using the main road, despite the instability of the cliff (and the orange cones there trying to dissuade them; the wamba boulder has been moved off to the side). Rock & Dirt cleared an old road (mainly used by goats & hikers these days) to allow non-4-wheel drive vehicles to traverse the hill, but it's still slow going and will be a mess in the next rain (assuming they don't do more to shore it up).

Between the pot holes (you can't even swerve to avoid them anymore, because you just swerve into another one), the overgrown foliage (the prickly overgrown foliage), and now this "at your own risk" cut to get to the Peninsula, the businesses on the southeast side are really going to take a hit. As it is, taxis have already told those businesses that they won't take passengers down there after dark because it's too dangerous and hard on their vehicles. Hmm - you can't go west because of crime or east because of the crappy roads. What's it take to get the government interested in the plight of its people and their enterprises, for Pete's sake?

Still pretty though.