Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rain & Sun

Not a whole lot going on other than clouds and intermittent downpours for the past couple of days.

The sun finally returned yesterday afternoon and I hurried up and did laundry so I could take advantage of it. Storm forecasting models are suggesting a disturbance will track into the "northeastern Caribbean" on Sunday or Monday so that could be us. Too early to tell.

I've been reworking the blog layout for the past couple of days (you fans who subscribe to blog posts wouldn't see a difference) and have run into an issue with the new label/category listing on the sidebar. If anyone knows anything about html code or knows someone who does, I could use a little help. I've spent almost 24 hours total in the past 2 days staring at computer-speak, am dreaming in code, and am giving myself a break today.

I'm also going start taking local ads from anyone who would like to reach my blog audience. I can't stand those Google ads and have no intention of putting those on my blog (they're on the calendar and map because I'm not paying the hosts for those services so they're insisting on and benefiting from those ads), but will be happy to advertise for local companies or companies that do business in St. Kitts & Nevis. Most businesses are represented somewhere on my blog anyway, whether it be on the Activities, Restaurants/Bars, Calendar, or Map pages and always will be for free (I want to this to be as inclusive as possible), but if some of you want more prominent placement, whether it be on the post pages or more specific pages (like Restaurants) just contact me. I can give you blog stats then if you want them.