Sunday, September 11, 2011

A 9/11 Kind of Day - Bleh

Today was a a bust.  You guys like pictures, so I'll talk you through a few for the day. The radar showed things clearing for us around 1:30.  When at 2, it still looked like crap, I was surprised to see a mess that had passed us in one direction, headed back.  Hey!!!

I actually animated the satellite (vs radar) display because I couldn't believe my eyes and it did show the change in direction. We went out before the switch and really didn't see much going on out there. Per Weather Underground, the highest gust clocked in about 25 mph (at 6am). That was at a rather tucked in airport though. I'm sure that the southwest side of the island really got the brunt of it (and higher winds). I'll bet it was fun (depending on your definition of that) to watch from the Brimstone Fort or even Rawlin's Plantation. As of 1pm, the rains were a measly .55 inches (most of the crappy stuff stayed just off shore, thankfully). The potholes weren't even completely filled.

One of the true tests of a summer storm here is whether Old Bay Road, heading toward Basseterre from Frigate, is getting the sea thrown at it. While I wouldn't have wanted to be anchored there, the road wasn't flooded and the waves weren't really crashing over either.

Heading back in the other direction, once you got past S Friar's Bay, all the coves (like White House) were surprisingly tranquil. The storm really had a westerly component to it. Here's Nevis with its head in the clouds as seen from the Turtle Beach Estates. The Narrows looking pretty serene.

Looking back toward a very green St. Kitts (notice the clearing skies??!!!!).

Of course, we avoided the Timothy Hill cut, but the bypass road worked out nicely. They paved a couple of rough spots on Friday and now it's not so difficult to get up and down with a "normal" vehicle (that one's for you Carla!).

Monkeys were playing in the road. So cute.

The cats had the right idea. Sleeping beauty.

This guy always looks like this...

Well, when he's not following me around (he's like a paper clip to my magnet).

Now, all Michael had been looking forward to all weekend was his Eagles football game. If it was raining, all the better. Beer? Check. Potato chips? Check. Power. Oops! Out at noon (game starts at 1). No 1

He went to the Marriott hoping they would have it (they generate their own power and have a casino with sports betting which means lots of tvs), but they couldn't get the satellite channels to work. Everyone got their stuff together by 1:30, so all was well (especially since the Eagles won - wahoo!). Well, except that we discovered we had no water. I'm not sure when that was cut off. Sigh. The storm goes on and on and on...Thunder started off-shore at 4:30pm. Apparently, Maria wanted to go out with a bang. I give the airport credit - we had planes flying overhead throughout. While it tried to clear up on the northwest side of the island, it stuck to its guns on the southwest side (it looked like this for hours - clear north/dark south).

When the storm turned early this afternoon, it worked the seas up into a bigger frenzy.  Here's S Frigate Bay.

Unfortunately a few minor beach bar sections have had enough (the roof was manually removed beforehand - well, not that roof shingle).

Interesting view from the inside.

Now we can't say we prepped for nothing, at least. It just might be a long night as the same 2 cells that have been on either side of us all day, remain there. Every once in a while, they reach across and join hands, whacking us as they do so. Right now, the Peninsula is under a very dark cloud and lightning is coming from that direction. Is no one safe??! Guess we'll see in the morning how it all panned out. There will be some clean-up, but overall we seem to have escaped a nasty fate again. Appreciate it! Now, if only I'd taken a shower earlier...
My hometown. NYC will always have my heart.

Hard to believe it's been 10 years. What's happened to politics since then is sickening. I hope Congress has been watching all the 9/11 coverage. House/Senate get your priorities straight. America isn't about you!