Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Island Dog

We think this is our last day dog sitting, but strangely we never asked the pooch's human exactly when he was coming back. Jack has made his peace with the intruder (or at least established dominance), but Zura is still less than thrilled.

Did you notice the 1/2 coconut on the floor? You know you've got an island dog when that's its toy.

Seriously, a coconut, a 1/2 coconut, and a wood block were provided for Miss T's amusement.

Of course, she thought the cat's little jingle toys were more fun, but after she crushed the bejeebers out of 2 of the balls, we hid everything.

We also had a taste of island life, when this morning an island car sent Miss T running off in wild abandon. We've been having good early a.m. runs, despite the fact that I doubt this dog has ever seen a sunrise in her life, and were just finishing up this morning's when a guy across the street went to open his trunk and the spoiler came off. With a deafening squealing sound. We were all startled. None moved faster than the dog though. Off she went, her leash dragging behind her. Me left with rope burns. The car owner looking chagrined. I could see Miss T waaaaaaaaay down the golf course still running like her life depended on it. Sigh. I ran after her, of course, but by the time I got where I last saw her, she had vanished. There was so much noise this morning, with weed whackers, lawn mowers, tile saws, tractors, excavators, bulldozers - I got overwhelmed! I finally booked it into a resort to call Michael and have him help me in the search. It took 4 anxious hours and some posters, but she eventually turned up exactly where we expected her to. That's the other thing about living on an island. It's small and it's pretty easy to put the word out. I'm just glad she didn't end up in the wrong hands finding herself overbred for pitbull fighting, or enmeshed in it, which is still considered "entertainment" here and why we were looking after her. Apparently, I'm not a fit parent (or sitter). Good thing we don't have kids...

She wins. Miss T's supposed to go home today, but if we have her for another night, I'll let her sleep in tomorrow.