Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kayak Race 2011

After our Fortress run yesterday, we headed to the pool only to find it was taken for a private party. Hrmph. We ended up on S Friar's Beach, which we rarely go to but enjoyed for a change of scenery.

We left when we saw some crappy weather coming and stopped to see if it was going to engulf our running pal, but amazingly it didn't get her until later.

My favorite is that they're working on the peninsula bypass road, so are now forcing us to go through the cut. The cut with the falling boulders in it.  The cut that's so dangerous that the gov't is warning people to stop moving the cones and going through it. Well, now the cones have been moved by the gov't and we get to play Russian roulette.  Thank goodness it didn't rain this weekend like it was supposed to. Sheesh.

Today, we headed for Cockleshell Beach and rooted for our friends Kat and Mandy in the kayak challenge. Their main goal was to beat Mandy's husband and they were quite serious about it. There were actually 2 groups that went out, this was the 2nd batch.

Mandy and Kat excited to get their paddle on.

The race would start on the beach with a run for the water. Go!

Into the water!

The requisite collision.

This couple didn't start out so well - oopsie!

Luckily the water was really calm (although not so calm once past the cliffs and into The Narrows - current is a dirty word too).

They had to cut across here and head for Oaulie Beach in Nevis before turning around and coming back (about 4 miles round trip).

After about an hour, the first guys came back (Ross students, I think) and had no one anywhere near them.

Next up a father/son team and that?

It is. Come on Kathleen & Mandy!

A final run to the table to finish it up and - wahoo! Not only did they come in 3rd, but Mandy beat her husband in (although they were next).

It cost her though. This woman is so competitive that even though she was literally barfing inside the cut, she kept paddling. She and Kat are made for each other. They're both now nursing blisters and sore shoulders. Good times.

And what's this? A man and his dog.

Well, not his dog. While we were at the beach yesterday, we ran into a pal who needed a dogsitter for a couple of days. Sure, why not? So we picked Miss-T up this morning and took her with us to the beach. The sea-side of the island was incredibly hot. No wind at all. Great if you're kayaking, not so great if you're hanging out on the beach. So we headed to Sandy Bank. Plus we figured no one would be there and we could let Miss-T run around a bit. There was slightly more air there and we were alone for a while so had a good time there before heading to the house to introduce the pup to our 2 cats. The cats are scared of strangers and not fans of kids, so we expected this to go badly. Instead, they seemed pretty curious.

Miss-T, a pitbull, was a bit nervous too (she's been around other cats, so we knew she wouldn't eat ours).

Imagine our shock when Jack walked up to Miss-T within about 1/2 hour. What?!

Of course, his tail was as bushy as he could get it and he was walking sideways, but he's actually been brave throughout. Not that he's a fan of Miss-T's snorting at the neighbors, but well neither are we. Zura remains on the stairs giving the interloper "the eye."

Miss-T's actually a good dog, so I think we'll be fine. Michael's got the night walking shift and I'll take Ms. Pooch out for a run in the morning. It has reminded us though of why we don't have dogs. They're fun in a lot of ways (and can be good for security), but you always have to think about them. Are we going to get home in time to let them out? No? Should we take them with us? That opens another can of worms... Is it too hot out? Will she get along with others? Behave? Oh no, they just pooped and I don't have a baggie! etc. etc. Plus, these larger breeds (which we would want) have doggie breathe and eventually everything smells like that (especially your car). I think we're happy with our current arrangement, but are happy to know that the cats could handle it if we changed our mind.  I am looking forward to a run with Miss Thing tomorrow (assuming she survives the felines during the night).