Saturday, September 10, 2011

Maria Refuses to Strengthen

Final post for the day: Nothing happened.... The radar pretty much looks the same.

Meteo France
We'll probably get some overnight rain, but that's normal. We are really appreciating that wind shear and hope it holds up because after so many storms coming at us and dissipating, it's going to be hard to take the future ones seriously (1/2 way thru the season!). Speaking of next ones...

Son of a...!!!!!

For that one, I'll be keeping all the weather talk relegated to StormCarib/St. Kitts unless it actually hits us and then we'll chat about conditions as it does its thing (thanks for following along - not easy tracking a storm!). We've got pink skies (no air again), pink calm seas, and a full-ish moon on the rise.

Good night. 

At 3:45 (our time), this is what the satellite looked like - you can see that the rain is pretty much staying east of everyone (St. Lucia & Martinique got a bit of a cross-over). Antigua is probably getting rained on.

While going north, it's been doing a slow creep west, so there's still a chance of getting some rain. Anything south of here has to eventually clip us, but it's really just another day in Paradise. It's raining a bit right now (why I'm inside again, I promise I have a life), but won't last. I'll probably stop boring you now, as nothing really is happening. If anything changes, you know you guys will be the first to know.  Let's hope tomorrow is a beach day!

2pm: Is this it???

Nope. The radar looks like it has for the past 2 hours (everything is going east or south). Diddly near us. The sun's back out. The winds are going kaput. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Noon check-in: Ho hum.  We've probably got another few hours before we get whatever we're going to get (if anything). It's nice and sunny out with a refreshing breeze. I do wish this storm would cross over already though. The windy part of Maria isn't supposed to hit anyone, so all warnings have been cancelled and rain totals have been downgraded to 2-4 inches.  Pool time?

Update - After the Walk:  I had a great walk this morning, came back to read that Maria is getting very disorganized (some islands have even cancelled their advisories). I'll hold my judgement until this stupid storm is on the other side of us.   Winds are down to 40mph.  It's still a few hours away.  You can see that both the ocean (left) & the sea (right) are still pretty calm.

Here's the sea quietly lapping at the shoreline.

Looking back toward Basseterre.

The ocean is rough, but the waves aren't particularly high.

My monkeys weren't out and about - wonder where they go for these things?  I'd say the winds were gusty - calm one minute about 15-25 knots the next.  NOAA is still predicting high seas, as are other sites, but it ain't happening yet!  I noticed the leaves on the trees/bushes turning upside down, so I'd say some rain is on the horizon, but the radar doesn't quite have it here yet.

Meteo France
And so we wait...again.  Oh wait, I just read that the storm passed us already - um, I don't think so.

Wake-up call: That's the headline we woke up to this morning. TS Maria, what the heck are you doing??! Seriously, this is what we got.... As I wrote last night, the winds were crazy from about 6 to 8pm. It truly would knock you backwards. Worse, it would just whisk the wine right out of my "glass"! It felt so good though, we stayed out in it until the rain started coming down sideways.

The clouds were pretty cool too.

Can you see Bruce on the other side of the window? Notice the tape blowing sideways?]

And that was it. No more wind, no more rain. We went to the Shiggidy Shack and were there until after 11pm and the air was so calm you can see that even the hanging lights weren't moving.

The sea couldn't have been any calmer either. Overnight, about 12:30am, it poured for a tiny bit and stopped. That sums it up. I got up this morning and saw blue skies.

The 5am NHC advisory read "Maria Refuses to Strengthen." This is the strangeness that is off to our east now threatening just about every Eastern Caribbean island with....I don't know, something.

Where is the center of that? Supposedly, it still has winds of 45mph though. Rainfall is still expected to be 4-8" and "dangerous waves" are predicted, with a surge of about 1-2 feet. It's slowed down to 13 mph, so will still take a while to get here. Wind probability percentages have come down to less than 50% that we'll see 39mph winds. Personally, I don't think they have a clue but don't know what to change it to so have just left the description as is.

Storm Carib has the storm coming at about 10pm, but Storm Pulse has it here more like 2pm. Storm Pulse also has it going about 80 miles north of us and getting Antigua this time. Considering what it looks like right now, I find that hard to believe, but this is one of the weirdest storms ever, so - sure why not?

All I know is that it's so nice out, I'm going to go for a run!