Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Maria Two-Step

Maria's a tropical depression, no a tropical storm, no a tropical wave, no...  Dosey-do...

Jeez.  First everyone thought the system might hit us dead on. Then it surprised the forecasters earlier in the week when it jumped 2 degrees north overnight. Hmm, maybe it'll go north of the islands like the past few have. Great!  Now it's still tootling along at 19-22mph, but going due west.  It's also falling apart. Rain for St. Lucia? Martinique?  It's still a day away, so anything can happen. Meanwhile, all kinds of events were cancelled, maybe for nothing, and other organizers are trying to figure out if they should be hunkering down. The storm shouldn't pack much of a punch for anyone at this stage (winds are only at 40 knots right now) and is moving so fast that it shouldn't have much time to do any real damage, but who the heck knows?  Seriously, the models have really been confounded of just about every storm that's developed east of us this season. They get their act together later, but someone should come out here and figure out what forces are at play and get the data entered into the models to improve them.

You know it's hot when your power goes out and you go to sleep in your truck with the engine running and a/c on (a friend did that).  I put ice in a glass on the counter, got distracted for all of a minute, went to pour my drink and was amazed that every last ice cube was melted already. Someone brought us some jolly ranchers back from the States and it's so hot in our house that we have to suck the wrappers off because they melted to the candy and won't come off the easy way. Just about everything has liquified - lotion, lipstick, etc. Is it winter yet?

I also watched one of our cats BRING IN a huge centipede last night (!!).  Here I thought those squiggly boogers were sneaking into our house and our hero cats were coming to our rescue, but in fact, they were bringing the darn critters in before saving us from them. That reminded me of that fire fighter that was setting Arizona ablaze so he wouldn't be laid off. Hrmph!

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