Monday, September 12, 2011

Rainy Monday

So after listening to birthdays, sports, and bad music for an hour and a half, the radio hostess finally said "...and we've got NEMA here and we want to know how things are looking on St. Kitts."  And then the power went out. Un-frickin-believable.  This electric company really needs to get it's you-know-what together. It's worse now than it was when the government was running it. The power came back on and I caught the tail-end of the guy from the Highway's Department talking before I lost my internet connection.  It's a conspiracy!!! Ok - I give up.  I took my rather chilly rainwater poofy-ball bath and waited for any news from Mikey. Rumble rumble in the distance. Drip, drip, drip, drip...

I did hear the Nevis NEMA guy say that the ghauts were running 30-45mph. Pretty impressive. If you're going to drive through the water shooting from those, you better be going pretty fast! Michael said his rain gauge read 2.8 inches, which a lot, but I really thought it'd be more than that (of course, it's still raining). Overall, things look pretty good, with the usual cliff waterfalls,

some road flooding (I did hear about the occasional washout, with mud running into the streets),

and a little erosion here and there. Sooooo close.....

The seas are calmer, no new rocks have fallen down Timothy Hill (yet). So, as I said before, we came through pretty much unscathed. I think the worst of it was having businesses closed for 3 days (1 of those days unnecessarily). I'm going to enjoy the last of the cool temps. The breeze is gone, so when the sun comes back out (and I'm looking forward to it), it'll get hot again. All I know is I'm seeing 60-degrees in the States already and a reader in Connecticut mentioned frost (!), so I'm quite happy right where I am.

Guess what?  Turns out we're the only ones in the complex without water.  An outside line burst. I hate it when that happens. It looks like we might just be in for another rainwater bucket bath for the evening. This time I want my rubber ducky.