Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Hash

We had a rather pleasant hash yesterday and got to check out a site I had had on my list of places to go for a while now - the Clay Plantation (Map/Info).  What a pretty locale.

It's very quirky with all kinds of colorful, strange places to wander through.

Even the paths throughout have been made fun with colorful petroglyphs engraved in them.

Can't beat the view either (and we didn't even have to walk anywhere yet!).

Before we started, it was time to get a good view of the few people who had dressed up. I didn't have the best vantage point for pictures, but between all the photos, you get the idea.

What was this guy?

A fish out of water. Alrighty then - well, he gets an A for making an effort. Time to hit the trails.

The plantation has 10 acres of gardens, but we headed for the hills. We've had some rather iffy hashes lately (it's not as easy setting these as it looks), but this one was a decent one. It also had all the requisite hash trail requirements. Some hills to work up a sweat; thankfully, this one included some shade.

You must pass some ruins, which is not difficult on most Caribbean islands.

I could have passed on the slaughter house.

The reward of the downhill, with hopefully a water view (again, not hard on St. Kitts).

Some "wild" life.

This one had a bonus in that as we neared the entrance to our starting point, we got to enjoy a pretty butterfly,

and iron hashers.

It was a really nice walk. But I knew that darn dog would get me in trouble. She kept slipping out of her leash and leaving me to walk an empty loop. Ok, so it took me a minute to figure out she was no longer ensnared, but that's because she's a good dog!! She stayed right next to me! Seriously, note this island leash. It's not my fault! Hrpmh. I ended up with a down-down.

We spent a little time at the plantation's little bar - the Blue Anchor pub. You don't see it in the pics, but it had a foosball table too.

And that was it!  I hope everyone has a safe Halloween!