Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Black Cat So does everyone have their Halloween costumes all picked out?  It looks like I can get away with an orange t-shirt for the hash tomorrow, so I think that's as far as I'm prepared to go. Bah Humbug, I know. Maybe I'll dress the dog up. I normally try to stay in front of people mutts, but will become one of them this weekend, as I try to fit in some exercise for the pooch.  Hopefully she doesn't crap on the trail and earn me a down-down. This hash will be around the Clay Plantation, so that should be fun. First though, everyone will have to wear pink, for the Race for Life Walk-A-Thon at 6am (ouch!).  Here's the registration form for more info. I have to admit it's a bit early for me, so I will be attending the Kickbox for the Cure on Monday instead. I will be dedicating each kick (and dollar) to one too many people I know taken down or affected by this disease.

If you don't want to walk at all on Saturday and would prefer to be on the water, the Diabetes Association is hoping you'll go out with them on a catamaran at 2pm. Just meet at the Port Zante marina before then and have your $100EC/$40US ready (see calendar for contact details).

There are a lot of parties going on all weekend (Calendar). I think I"m going to save myself for the Guy Fawkes celebration at Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack next Saturday (Nov 5th). Not only will it be fun like the last parties thrown for the 4th of July and the Shack's Anniversary, but this will also include the launching of the Shiggidy Shack Winn(fm) Jammers j'ouvert troop (De Buccaneers ) set to strut their stuff on December 27th.  This won't be just any j'ouvert troupe because they'll be donating part of the proceeds to several Federation cancer organizations. That's right, we'll be revelers with a cause! The Small Axe Band will playing both Saturday and for our soca pleasure during j'ouvert. If you're interested in joining up, make sure you join the Facebook group.

Did you know that Guy Fawkes Day/Night was actually a predecessor to Halloween a few hundred years ago (on the other side of the world anyway - article)? It's rather strange to celebrate anything about this guy, who was basically a religious extremist (Catholic) set out to kill those of other religions (Protestants) - it never changes; but there it is. I think I'll celebrate the fact that he was caught and found guilty before hurting anyone.


I think PJ's last days are this weekend, before the owners retire and lease out their place to someone new (Bangkok - same owners as Twist).  Enjoy the last of whatever your favorites were before it's too late.

It looks like the Pub on the Side is open - chicken wings and burgers (bleck). We'll have to try the place out and see if they've got other pub food like "chips" and beer on tap.