Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Usual

Just a typical couple of days on the island. Popcorn had a gathering of people on Friday night. He's always got such an interesting mishmash of folks from all over the world and all walks of life, so we usually make one or two more friends while we're there. We also found out that someone's house in the area had just been robbed (security asked us if we'd seen anyone/thing suspicious). Crime has certainly decreased since the new commissioner came on board, but there are certain areas that just seem to be targets. Half Moon is one of them.

Saturday, we had our power outage at 6am as planned, but it didn't come back until 3 hours later - which was not the plan. If this maintenance/upgrade will reduce future outages, it was worth it. At least the electric company is trying. I have yet to hear a peep from The Cable about all the internet problems in the Frigate Bay area. They're website isn't even active anymore. I will be calling Cable & Wireless next week to see what it takes to get set up with them.

Weather-wise the air got muggier and soupier as the day went on. We went down to Port Zante in search of a small St. Kitts flag and were surprised at how empty it was (and how hard it was to find a flag). There was a cruise ship in port, but it was a small one and either people hadn't gotten off or were all on tours. It was kind of nice for us though to not have to deal with the hordes. I do want to say to any of you people coming in on cruise ships. Don't just frequent the nearby shops, you're not getting the flavor of the island at all. I know the cruise ship directors are telling you it's too dangerous to go into town and the Port Zante shop owners are telling you not to bother too, but those people should be fined. There was ONE incident involving cruise ship tourists in the entire island's history. Nothing has ever happened to anyone wandering downtown to shop (plus you get away from all those a-holes throwing baby monkeys at you).  At least venture the few hundred feet to the Treasury Building, go upstairs to the museum, shop in Only in St. Christopher's. You haven't seen St. Kitts if you haven't visited The Circus. Go across the street and shop in Island Hopper and then either go upstairs to Ballahoo's for a meal or drink, where you can watch all the going's on down below; or walk east down the road along the seawall to El Fredos for a delicious Kittitian lunch or fresh fruit-ade.  Meander in and out of the galleries lining Independence Square, go into the beautiful Catholic Church, and be sure to get ice cream from I Queen's, a little food truck that's always there (home made, non dairy, flavored with local fruits). If you'd like to get away from the crowds and get a great view of Basseterre and even your boat, walk a little ways west to Palm Court Gardens. They've got a beautiful garden, a shop that sells shell art, and an amazing pool you can enjoy as well.  Get out and about!  Where's your sense of adventure??

We finally found what we were looking for at Island Hopper and then decided it was movie time.  The Muppets isn't here yet, so we saw Puss in Boots instead. It was cute, but I think you have to be a cat lover to really appreciate it (which, of course, we are). I'm pretty sure Michael will be doing the litterbox dance at the Shack next week. You can't beat the price for the movies here, about $16EC/$6US. And Caribbean Cinemas has the most comfortable seats anywhere. Of course, it helped that the theater was as empty as it usually is during the day. Michael was contentedly reclined. I lifted one of the arm rests and put my socked feet up on the seat next to me. All I needed was a pillow for my back and it would have been like home (except I wouldn't have needed the sweatshirt, jeans, or socks)!

Today it's rainy. Another Sunday down the pooper weather-wise. We had quite a deluge at about 2am and Michael's already been warned of flooding/erosion in places. A flash flood watch is in affect until 4pm today. As usual though, it looks like the islands south of us are getting the worst of it. I might just go back to bed....