Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Hash

Rain, rain go away... Friday, Michael took a rare day off (lest he just plain lose some vacation days) and decided to go to the pool. I never go to the pool during the week because I feel like I'm cheating somehow. I'm weird; I know. I figured I'd go with him and just work on my proofing from there. I was reminded of another reason I don't go, and that's because it's not a private pool. Another couple was there with their music on, which made it hard for me to concentrate. It was also a pain in the butt when clouds went overhead and spit on me and my computer.

Ok maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Add gnats and I decided to head back to the house. I tried.

By 1am the drizzle turned into outright downpours and it rained and rained and rained most of Saturday. Cliffs are waterfalls, parks are lakes, and ghauts are rivers. Our Christmas hash was at 4. Uh oh. At around 3, lo and behold, a clearing! Not only did it stop raining, but it held for our whole shabang. Yay! This hash would be at Garvey's Estate. What never ceases to amaze me is that we come up with new places to do these hashes, despite how small the island is. The Estate has a website, but I'm guessing the rooms don't look like that at the moment. I talked to Joe (right), the proprietor who was nice enough to let us hold our hash on his property, for a little bit and he said they're in for a looong refurbishing project. It'll be worth it though. The grounds consisted of a great house surrounding a chimney,

some little cottages,

and a nice yard with a great view of Nevis.

From waaaaay far away.

How cute is this? No, they're not related. They're meeting for the first time.

The walk felt shorter than it was because there wasn't some killer hill embedded in the trek, but I'm sure most appreciated that. Like Steve and his munchkin, singing?

Thorne looking happy.

The walk wasn't overly scenic, but it had its moments. We were surrounded by other great houses, going behind Clay Plantation (you'll remember we began/ended a hash there recently - post)

The runners passed Fairview Inn/Nirvana.

They also passed us. Surprise, surprise, Michael in the lead - Kat right there too (and Mandy).

Had we earned Christmas dinner yet? Nope. Time to initiate the virgins. This one got a little weird as our "spiritual adviser" Dame Carla started asking folks where they wanted to be christened. Alrighty then.

We brought blog readers and new friends (and new hashers) Scott & Laura along and they handled the ritual like troopers, especially after watching what happened to everyone else. Congrats Laura.

Sorry Scott, but at least you got a head rub out of it.

It's worth it when you get a t-shirt though. Finally Ella & Molly have reached their 25th hash. Good job girls!

Ok, time to eat.

The usual hobnobbing, only this time a few hashers are sharing their Christmas spirit. Kat in a hat!

But who is this? No one has more Christmas spirit than Santa! Ho Ho Ho. A slight hat adjustment.

Santa was definitely a hit, enthralling the kids with a juicy story (hope the parents were monitoring this tale). You'll note that the kids from the St. Christopher Children's Home got a chance to participate.

Then came the gifts. Someone posted on Facebook that they just paid $30US to have their child sit on Santa's lap at the mall. Sheesh! Free here!

I think the adults had more fun with this than the kids. Poor Santa (you'll note he had a Carib, at least).


Thanks to the hash setters, Christmas hash planners, and most of all Santa. That was fun. We really appreciated the fact that there were no bugs - at all. If you want to get in the spirit, here's an island Christmas Song by King Obstinate called How Will Santa Get Here? Mr. X was telling me about it last week, and Kat surprised me by singing it at the hash (here's a link for you guys not seeing the embed).

Here are the lyrics:

Christmas is coming- every child is hoping- dear old Santa will come calling
(Refrain) Ho ho ho, ho ho ho. How will Santa get here?
Promise from mama- promise from papa- that come Christmas there'd be many gift from Santa.
There is no reindeer in my country- He have to borrow me neighbor donkey
(refrain, repeat)
Musical interlude
The yard has no snow-the house has no chimney- so how will Santa really get to me?
If his house is so far- far from Antigua- how he's going to get across all that water?
There is no reindeer in my country- he have to borrow me neighbor donkey
(refrain, repeat)
musical interlude
Me mama wouldn't lie-me papa wouldn't lie- as you close your eyes Santa comin by
A big big bag of goodies-down for the West Indies- still I have a question- what's his transportation?
There is no reindeer in my country- he'll have to fly on LIAT or BWI!
(refrain, repeat until fade)

Today, there are a few blue patches amidst the infernal clouds. The forecast has the nerve to predict some rain later, so we'll see if we can fit some beach time in before that happens.