Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nice Day

Yesterday turned out to be a rather pleasant day. Monkeys outside the house (we won't talk about the cat in heat that is serenading us on a regular basis).

We headed over to the Loveshack to give a final toast to Elvis and to contribute a bit of $ to his family and were gratified to see a great response.

Look at the line for the food!

The Ross students did a great job organizing the gathering and were very appreciative to all the businesses that sponsored the event by either supplying goods or prizes to raffle/auction. Now let's hope this is the last time we have to do this for awhile.

We then decided we needed a little hiking and did just that down on the Peninsula. Jacumba, our old boat, is even anchored in the distance there. Um, not the big one...You can see the salt pond where the marina will be someday.

Look how clear the water is. We actually sat here for awhile and watched two turtles come and go.

We hiked up a little farther and were amazed by all the cacti.

We took advantage of a bench and broke out the good stuff to quench our thirst. Yummy.

We had a good time singing and dancing while we were up there. That large monohull in the earlier photo has a camera on the top of one of their masts. We were wondering if they could turn it and zoom in and see our silly antics. Hope not... Fun day.