Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Field of Greens

First of all, can I get a yey-ah!  Daylights Savings Time!  Finally. We thought it would never get here. Since we've been an hour ahead of EST (because everyone else 'fell back" when we didn't), everything's been coming on an hour later here, news at 7:30pm, main shows starting at 9pm, my man Fareed on at 11am.  We hadn't seen Modern Family in months because we couldn't keep our eyes open for it (I finally stayed awake last week only to find it to be a re-run - I've seen the show 4 times and had seen that one).  Yep, skippidy doo. Everything is back to normal.

And we've got fuel for the stove/oven again. We just went 2 1/2 years on 200 pounds of propane. Not bad.

Now where were we, oh yeah. hashing. It was time to get our Irish on, so everyone wore green. Good job guys! I love the hats some diehards wore - you can see three in the one picture.

Mikey, a Kittitian with an Irish heritage, always sets the St. Paddy's Day hashes. Uh oh, a map is involved.

This was a great trail with all kinds of views. We were told to make sure if a train came to get off the tracks!  Yes, there is a train that comes through, The St. Kitts Scenic Railway, but there were no cruise ships in, so no tourists, so no train.

We made it down to the beach. I loved the fact that they tied a bunch of ribbons to force us to stop and take in the views. Stop and smell the roses! Or sea spray in this instance.

The waves were pretty big, not that you can tell from the pictures. Of course, there was the usual ocean-side trash (water bottles, water bottles, water bottles...).

Then it was back into the grape leaves and back to the start (and the beer). BTW, just because I'm at places people are drinking doesn't mean I'm drinking. It seems some blog readers think I'm an alcoholic - just water today!)

I like this tree - how did that notch get in there?

The runners had some varying terrain/vistas too.

rusty sugar cane train cars

And then we were done. Green Virgins.

This guy had to drink out of his cap because it was too green (could be seen at night). He drank to the last drop!

Proof it's not all about beer. Alex, who was here working on heritage sites, is leaving. He had to guzzle water and wear what he couldn't drink. Happy Traveling!

Then this poor man had those toe-sock-type sneakers on and got called out for being weird. Drinking out of your after-hashing shoes really has to be the worst down-down of them all. Yuck. Note - you should bring a towel to these things (and maybe an extra pair of shoes).

And what's this? Michael getting his 50th St. Kitts hash t-shirt! Wahoo! I'm 2 behind, so I'll get one next time.

Socialize time! Michael in his elf shorts - they're green and they jingle (Jingle Balls...). Heather (Jail Bait) back on two legs.

Trying to take a picture where Popcorn isn't talking, yelling, or cursing in it is just about impossible. Sorry, Derek.