Monday, March 5, 2012

Royal Visit

As it turned out we got so into our grocery shopping, weeding, and so engulfed by our resulting exhaustion that we didn't see the Royals, but on Sunday we ran into Popcorn/Peter who, as a Member of the Order of the British Empire, attended a lot of the ceremonies. He said that the Earl had a great sense of humor and was a lot of fun. During a park renaming ceremony there were 3 main tents - one with the Royal Highnesses and the local VIPs, another with kids/students, and another with 2nd-tier VIPs. After Prince Edward and his group left the stage to unveil the plaque, he turned back around, went back to the microphone and told the kids in the cheap seats to make sure they screamed nice and loud and then looked at the stuffier group one stage over and told them to do the same. I think there was more to this, but this is through the "grape vine." Anyway, it sounded like Prince Edward was doing his best to make what could be a dull event more interactive and fun.  A glimpse of what they did is on ZIZ - all the other news outlets seem to be a bit slow this morning.  I know how they feel.

The last Royal visit was 28 years ago for the official opening of the Brimstone Hill Fortress.  Not a bad day to be on a cruise ship visiting the island. We're just happy to have some of the potholes filled.

Ok, so we missed the Royals, but we did get to meet another avid blog reader, Mary K. from Michigan. I'm not sure how she escaped without ending up in a photo, but we had fun trading stories over a beer or two at Shipwreck. She flies home today, leaving her daughter (a vet student) behind to continue studying, so will soon be living vicariously through us again. Lucky for her, there's a St. Paddy's day hash coming up (everyone wear green!), so everyone's guaranteed some hash hilarity.

Alliance-Francaise is having a wine tasting on Wednesday. I'd like to go to one of these sometime, but have gained a little weight lately and will be working this week to fix that. Kittitians are rather blunt, something only a New Yorker like myself can appreciate, and one called me out on my new, um, curves last week. It didn't bother me. I took my too-tight shorts much more personally.

Hopefully, we'll get some produce planted this week or Saturday and will be eating lots of healthy stuff soon.