Saturday, May 26, 2012

Here fishy fishy...not

I realize this isn't a cooking blog, which is a good thing since I don't really cook, but here's the follow up to the last post. This time I did things a little differently (and it didn't go much better than the last). Here's the recipe. The changes I made are as follows:

  • I used about 3 ounces less cheddar cheese and added about an ounce of pepperjack for some spice. 
  • I used 2 tablespoons less of butter and replaced it with 3 tablespoons of chia seed gel Not only was this probably 1 tablespoon too many, but I probably shouldn't have added the 2 tablespoons of water later either. Everything was fine before I added the water, making it a bit gooier than it should have been. 

  • I made circles thinking they'd be easier. They weren't.

  • I also thought I was so smart spreading out the mixture with a spatula bottom and cutting out the shapes while on the cookie sheet, but it's just too hot in our house. The batter got warm and sticky almost immediately (even the wax paper started sticking to the dough and ripping - I guess that's why they recommend parchment).

  • I tried to spread it and freeze it. Cut out the shapes and freeze it. Pull the shapes off...and goop!  I finally just put spoonfuls on the darn tray and threw it in the oven. Screw it.

  • Five minutes later the house sure smelled good. I was also appreciating the tiny amount of dishes that go into this process.

    And the taste? Yummy.

    Yes, you can see the seeds (you wouldn't notice it in brownies and you could always grind them up in a grinder first), but they didn't affect the texture and I can definitely say that there was no taste difference from the last batch we made (other than the extra hotness from the pepperjack cheese). I consider that a success. We cut out quite a bit of bad fat using less butter and cheese, and added some things we actually needed. (Note: The seeds do have quite a bit of good fat in them, so this is not a calorie buster.  Eat like you would nuts or avocados.)

    The only bad thing? Well, it didn't make that much. And I had to save some for Michael....

    So would I do it a 3rd time? Well, they are easy to make (sort of) and I like being able to make them to taste (adding things like taco mix or other spices). Getting some good stuff with my junk food is another plus. I think I'll try it one more time, but will make the dollops smaller so it looks like I have more. I'll put the mixture in a baggie, cut out a small hole, and dab them onto the tray. Or - I hear they have bags of goldfish already made in the Best Buy near Ross.

    A caveat on chia seeds: At the risk of sounding like a pharmaceutical commercial... While one study showed some heart benefits (+ anti-inflammatory + blood thinner, so don't eat before an operation), there's no evidence it causes weight loss. I don't doubt - they're fattening (9 grams in 2 tablespoons). Luckily, I'm not trying to lose weight. I still think I feel fuller though and if you don't like being hungry (or eating all the time so you're not) that's a good thing. They can also cause low blood pressure (something Michael & I are already on the verge of) and are high in alpha-linolenic acid, which in high doses may increase the risk of prostate cancer. everything else - eat in moderation (max 3 1/2 tablespoons/day - 20 grams.) I think they're worth it. With omega-3/6s, anti-oxidants, fiber, calcium, B-17, and protein it's a vegetarian's dream - and since most meat eaters eat like crap too, it probably wouldn't hurt them to add a tablespoon or two into their diet (depending on the meds they're already taking). Remember, you can have too much of a good thing, so if your counter looks like the local drugstore, think about possible interactions. People tend to think that if something's wrong, something is missing from their diet. It could also be that they're getting too much of something - so watch the supplements you take.

    Friday night - at The Dock - to sign a book that a blog reader, friend, and part-time owner/visitor bought online - and.....a popcorn machine? Is this someone's idea of torture? I want one of these in my house! Once I own one, you'll know that I've just given up. Bring on the fat a**. I loooooove movie popcorn. But I didn't have any. Of course, Michael did.

    BTW, I absolutely must give a shout out to Vishnu who sold one of my books by basically saying to a complete stranger - give me $20US and I'll give you a book you'll love. It worked. He's my new salesman.  His commission was a Carib. Everybody's happy.