Monday, June 11, 2012

A Post About Nothing

For those of you who are wondering what's happened to our garden, I'd say a whole lot of nothing. Critters keep eating the stuff before we can get to it, and the latest casualty was eggplant that had finally sprouted up.  Apparently, whatever the freeloader was grabbed some of Jude's passion fruit, one of her shoes (?!), and one of our eggplants. Jude's sister found the missing footwear, the rest was a goner. Hrmph.

Saturday about mid-morning, we found out about a sale the Marriott was having (of old furniture, mirrors, tvs, lamps, etc. etc.) and took off to see what they had (a few months ago, we got an ancient tv from them for next to nothing). We may be losing some of our borrowed furniture, so were hoping to get some cheapie replacements. There was a line of 200 people before the warehouse doors were even open (and that's with absolutely no advertising - word got out via Blackberry messaging), so needless-to-say there were slim pickings by the time we got there.

We later got a bunch of take-out from the Star of India and pigged out up at Heather's place. I had been wondering if that restaurant was still in business - they never update their Facebook page, their website is all screwy, and they don't answer emails. We've eaten there once before and the service was very slow - this time was no different (and the place was empty), but it's worth it though. The food is nice and spicy, and they're certainly one of the best for vegetarians (all the Indian restaurants here are pretty good). It was very tasty and there was plenty of it. The rest of the weekend was the usual - hiking + beach. Sunday, we took another trek with Dave and were relieved to finally have a clear view of things. Our last couple of hikes have involved haze and storm clouds. Not too bad this time.

We had a pretty good crowd this time, dogs included, so it almost felt like a mini-hash.

You'll remember we encountered 2 dogs last time and some stinky old meat that had been left for them. This time, they were surrounded by bread. With the plastic still on it. Nice.

Unfortunately, we made our way to the little waterfall/pool we enjoyed last time only to find that you can't go home again. In just a couple of weeks, the pretty farm was leveled, more vegetation removed, and the area was no longer quite the paradise it had been. No more wild raspberries either. Boo.

After clearing

Even the waterfall was down to a trickle and the pool was a bit shallower. We haven't been getting our nightly downpours for the past week or two.

Current trickle

This of course, didn't stop the men from taking a dip. They were sharing the spot with some crawfish.

We added a bit on to this hike since everyone was enjoying themselves (not sure about the panting dogs) and went to the beginning of the water source trail. There was access to some water here as well - I'm not sure how sanitary this was for those downstream...

We think we'll go the actual water source next time. It's supposed to include a 15' high waterfall, deep pool, and be worth the hassle, but needs ropes. Sounds good! We took in our final view at the end of the trek. We had been waaaaay out there, and called it a success.

And then we all went to the beach.

So guess what? I know it might sound hard to believe from those who know me, but I might be running out of things to say. Truth be told, I'm surprised I've kept this blog going as long as I have (3 1/2 years!). We don't really do that much - exercise, work, hike, beach, happy hour, sleep repeat. Not necessarily in that order or every day, but that's about it. Surely you guys are snoozing through these posts by now.

A lot of people ask me if we get bored living on such a small island or get tedious with the same people. Generally speaking, I'd say no. Back in AZ, we tended to go to the same few favorite restaurants, climbed the same favorite trails, hung out with the same people, and exercised, worked, hiked, enjoyed happy hours, and slept. But we could do other things if the desire or opportunity presented itself. After 3 1/2 years here (one of them on the boat off-shore), I can now say that I'm getting a little ansy. I think it's similar to the issues we found on Jacumba. Money was tight then too, so we were kind of restricted to the boat. We couldn't stay in hotels to treat ourselves, didn't eat out much, and saw islands on the cheap. I think this made us slap-happy by the end of the journey. Déjà vu....  We still love "our" beach and never tire of the hashes/hikes, but it makes for repetitive blog posts. Who knows how much longer I can hold your interest, but I'll certainly try.  You know, the last time I felt this way, I sold everything I owned and took off on a boat I didn't know how to sail. Hmmmm.