Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sneak Attack

Well lookie here. Our first NHC yellow circle of the season for a disturbance off to our east. I guess we wouldn't want all those to the west of us to have all the fun (be safe people).

Checking out the maps on StormCarib, I see the obvious tropical wave (atmospheric), but am not impressed. I wouldn't want to be sailing in that area or anything, but couldn't begin to guess how it might or might not affect us and no one is really talking about it yet.

This has a loooong way to go before getting here, so it's hard to get too excited. On the one hand, the water continues to warm (up to 84°F/29°C!), which is bad; on the other there's still a lot of Saharan dust in the area to keep things dry, which is good.
 I'll be watching just to see if a general pattern establishes itself. Last year, we had an invisible vortex that kept bunting storms that came at us off to our northeast. We wouldn't mind a repeat, only without anything hitting the Bahamas this time.

Whatever happens, it is a reminder that we're in season now and should be ready. Time to start checking shutters, getting water (remember, they turn off the tap water if a hurricane is upon us and can leave it off for days while waiting for the water sources to clear), buying some canned goods, filling up on propane, getting fuel for your generators and your vehicles, putting your important stuff in a place easy to grab in case of emergency, planning for pet evacuation, etc. Go to my General Links/Hurricane Info tab for other prep advice, hurricane shelter locations, weather sources, etc.

Although this picture was taken of a restaurant sign in North Carolina, it's pretty much the philosophy here too.

Lehigh Valley Ramblings
It seems the restaurant, sign, and letters survived Hurricane Irene's onslaught. Let's hope we're all as lucky this season.