Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old School

Did you miss me? I have to admit I wasn't quite "feeling it" this week. Not that I wasn't doing anything, I just didn't feel like talking about it. Let's catch up shall we?

On Thursday, the Marriott had their annual kickboxing for cancer shebang in their courtyard. The event was to raise money for the Essence of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation and Ade's Place, a home for young adults with special needs. Kajola-Kristada is a manufacturing company that does a lot for the island and they bused in 60 of their employees for the event. I didn't take a ton of pictures because it looked a lot like last year's gathering and well, I was working out. They had 4 different instructors, but all of them seemed to make it up as they went along.

There was a lot of standing around like this, while the leaders decided what to do next and when they couldn't think of anything, they just repeated a move. Plus one of them used the same music he's been using for over a year now. They get an A+ for energy and enthusiasm, but I've been debating getting some aerobic certifications and am thinking these guys should come with me...

Of course, after the first song, many attendees ended up along the wall watching.  It's been really hot here lately, so I don't really begrudge them. The instructors kept screaming "You can't be tired yet!"  Oh yes they can!

I'd like to give a high-five to the dozen or so men who worked up a sweat to support the cause. It was fun, there was a lot of laughing going on, some calypso/carnival moves slipped in, and overall silliness reigned. Hopefully our shenanigans (and contributions) raised a good amount of cash for the organizations.

Next up (Friday), was an Arts Expo in Port Zante/Basseterre. The event was designed to showcase SKN artists of all genre's and was running from 11am to 9pm. We weren't sure when the best time to go would be, but ended up there around 5:30pm. Most of the displays were gone, but we took a closer look at some of the Carnival costumes we've seen in past parades - start winding Michael!

We stayed a bit and enjoyed some music and one brave young woman's African dance routine.

If you're on Facebook, here are some photos taken by the Music Festival folks of what else they had throughout the day/evening. Then it was off to The Dock to catch up with a few people (I go about once every three weeks; Michael's a regular).  Hey! They took out a railing and stuck in some more tables. The place was pretty crowded.

Now we're up to Saturday. Hash time!  Now here's something you don't see every day.

Yes, that was Mr. X getting into the spirit of Disco for the event at the Shiggidy Shack later that night. Wow...

This would be the first time Big Sexy and The Big Sexy crew (ha!) ever set a hash (the 3 to the left of both pics). That second photo is of the three torturing the "virgins"after the hash right before they got doused themselves with ice water. Good times...

The crowds just get bigger and bigger.

Of course, we had the usual ruins and sugar mill chimneys,

but this one was cool, wrapped in what looked a lot like antlers. Scorched antlers.

The usual great views.

Some ups and downs.

And shade. Glorious shade. It was sooooo hot!

 Live wire!  Just kidding, I think water ran through it.

And then this wild banshee was coming at me. This picture just does not convey what it was like to have a half-naked man with a huge twig-filled afro running toward us. I included the blurred photo because if you know X, you'll get the idea...

I was happy to have Betsy lead on, but we should have let her keep following the scent because the group I was with ended up losing the trail. Hrmph. This was probably one of the best marked hashes we've had in a while (especially for a bunch of first-time setters), but a farmer had used the same orange ribbon we were following to mark some stuff on his property. Some of us were mislead by this; others weren't. Here we are just wandering around the farm and trying to figure out how to head back to the starting point.

Then we were done and watching people coming back the way we should have. Grumble. Those who weren't detoured smugly reported that the rest was marked beautifully and quite enjoyable - picture me sarcastically mimicking them here.

Unfortunately, we had a couple of casualties on this one. One guy either sprained or even broke his ankle and a female ended up with something that went through her shoe and jabbed her in the foot. I think she finished up, but the other guy had to be taken to the hospital. Ouch. The next hash isn't for 4 weeks (instead of the usual 3) so they have time to recover. I'll also be wearing my newly earned hash t-shirt (50 St. Kitts/Nevis hashes people!).

And then there was disco night at the Shack. Is this scary or what?

We came off a boat. We didn't happen to have an old pair of bell-bottoms or platform shoes on hand, so did the best we could. Yes, that's my shirt Michael's wearing. He can wear this again if there's ever a gay-pride parade...I'm kind of going for the Chrissy look from Three's Company with my hair.

Kat absolutely should have won a prize for her get-up. She had this outfit from another 70s party. The pleather boots had been glued back together for one final fling on the dance floor (they also made her a lot taller than me).

Even Ella got into the spirit. That's a glow necklace on her head - I love those things. No, she didn't stay late - especially when she found out they wouldn't be playing any Justin Bieber songs. KC-who?

I had a glowing pink bracelet. Michael a glowing, um, knocker....

Ok, this was funny.

Requisite disco ball and DJ.

This woman could dance the 70s like no other. It was like watching Soul Train. She and Layla made the night for me. I don't normally do butt shots or capture people mid-song, but these were too good to pass up. They were all so into their groove thang!

University students feeling no pain (yet).

Of course, the Electric Slide and YMCA made an appearance.

A lot of people came out, but disappointingly, most people didn't dress up. Those of us who did, got $2 off our drinks (Diet Coke for me!). I think next time, X should charge a cover for those who don't make an effort. Party poopers...We certainly had a great time people watching and singing to the oldies (how do I know every word to every song from the 70s forward but can't remember what I came downstairs for?). There were even people dancing on the outside tables (those photos didn't come out, luckily for those folks).

It was incredibly hot though. Yes, I know I'm repeating myself. Just standing there prompted rivulets of sweat body-wide. Even my hair was sweating. Gross. Mr. X plans to install fans around the perimeter of the dance floor - this summer might be nice... We left around 12:30am when the DJ decided it wasn't disco night anymore and switched the music. We started to look and feel kind of dumb in our costumes so called it a night. Upon arrival at home and a glance in a mirror, I was rather chagrined to see that my dress had somehow crept sideways and then clung to me, making me look like I might have had sex in the bathroom stall or something. This is something Michael might have brought to my attention earlier...

So that's that!  Sunday is the usual grocery shopping and beach time.  I love Sundays...