Monday, July 16, 2012

A Do Over

I want a do-over - only better next time. This weekend was not so nice. I'm dog & cat sitting. Within the first hour over at their house, one of the doors slammed shut - right on Kitty's paw. Meeeeeeeooooooooowwwwwwwwww! I held her for 1/2 hour while she whimpered and waited with bated breathe to see if she eventually stopped limping. Thankfully, she did. The event seems to have been like getting your fingers caught in the car door - which makes mine throb just thinking about it. Poor Kitty.

I drove the car I've been given for the week 2 miles to my house to pick up something and the bumper just about fell off. We screwed it back in.
The next day, Michael took the dog for a drive/walk, while I got everyone's food ready, yet another door slammed (it's like a wind tunnel up there), and wouldn't re-open. That's right, I was locked in. I patiently waited for Michael to return, threw him the key, and hoped he could get it open from the other side. Nope. He climbed up the balcony with some tools, we took the lock contraption off - but couldn't get to the bolt that was locked in place. No accessible hinges either. Alrighty then. We started passing/tossing stuff off the balcony, including the kitty and were thankful that the dog (the large dog) was locked on the other side of the door. We now have 4 animals in our house, split up in various areas, and the one stray who begs outside.

Did I mention it rained the entire day?

The Kitty is an outdoor kitty, so I'll likely take her back to her house during the day and let her play around in her own neighborhood. The dog is calm, but stinks so she will be getting a shower after our morning walk.

The rest of the week? Well, Michael's about to add some excitement to our lives, so only time will tell how this is all going to turn out. I guess I can't say I'm bored....