Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Next Idiots Installment?

So there it is then. After Michael's company unexpectedly made him an offer he totally could refuse, he did. Refuse it. Yes, he put in his notice on Monday. His last day is Friday, August 17th. All together now - aaaaw. It seems our 5+-year plan, has turned into a 4-year plan so it's time for us to figure out what's next. Luckily this development isn't financially catastrophic (yet), because I'm a miser (Michael's favorite thing about me, I'm sure) and have been saving whatever I could put away without starving us (too much) since he first got the job - just in case.

Do we stay or do we go (now)?  I'd been doing research on alternatives for a while now (the company's move was not actually that unexpected, but it was disappointing when it actually came to pass), but I can't say I'd really made any headway. Work permits are a big issue for anyone wanting to work in a country not their own. We had always PLANned on going to the Pacific next, but the countries we've been looking at are all experiencing some kind of turmoil. South America presents its own challenges. We're (self)-restricted to warm weather climates and English-speaking places...with jobs...they'll give to foreigners. That certainly narrows our choices down a bit.

Do we stay? As some of you picked up from the past few blog posts, we've been getting a bit aggravated about some general issues about island living - like never knowing whether our electricity bill is going to triple or not for no good reason; or having to spend $500 to go somewhere else to shop for food; or paying $24US for 12 cans of soda (when you can find it - this week, it's Michael's beverage of choice - Coke - that's disappeared); or watching our clothes/shoes (all 4 pairs each) disintegrate and not really having a way to replace them. And we're about to lose our wheels. The bad: We'll miss our friends, our beach(es), the lack of traffic and traffic lights, the views, and the pace of life here. Plus, we didn't want to go back there.

Do we go? Michael already has a pretty strong lead in Key West, Florida. They tend to get contracts on Caribbean islands, so we might even get to island hop - while on someone else's dime this time. I'm still looking to find work online (researching/writing), because that frees us to live wherever we want, whenever we want, but I may be tempted into looking a bit at politics should I end up back on my home turf. I'm not sure I can live in a state that has someone like Rick Scott running it unless I'm doing something to counter it (although he must have heard I might be coming, he stepped down today). We'll be happy to have access to a larger array of food choices, replace that darn pot lid, be able to travel more easily, go to street/art fairs/farmers markets, be closer to our families, and make new friends. The bad: There will be no more beaches nearby, there will be more traffic, it'll still be expensive, and we'll still have hurricanes (and centipedes). No, I'm not sold on it yet.

Zombie Cat
We both have mixed feelings about leaving obviously. My biggest fear is about going back into that "coma" that sparked this adventure 7 years ago. I feel like we're going backwards in a way, but that's all about perception - which can be changed. We do have other prospects forming, both here and off-island, so will keep our minds open and go with what feels right in the end.

So is this the basis for the next Idiots installment? I'm not sure, but certainly stay tuned. Speaking of Idiots, I just found out that I've sold over 1,700 copies of A Sail of Two Idiots since March and I couldn't have done it without my Babble fans. Cheers to all of you! Now we just need Oprah to read and endorse it.  As far as future blogging (should we move) - I don't know. I'll soon be like the rest of you "normal" people - aack! We'll just have to see.

If you're in a bad situation, don't worry it'll change. If you're in a good situation, don't worry it'll change.  John A. Simone, Sr.