Monday, July 30, 2012

Party Boat

So where were we? I made everyone jealous with my London 2012 t-shirt Friday night (thanks Popcorn!).

We spent Saturday on the beach near Shipwreck hanging with Kat & Nat for the last time - whaaaa.  Well, the last time there anyway; we have every intention of meeting up with them in the States sometime. It also happened to be Michael and my 22-year wedding anniversary and Kat & Nat's soon to be 16th year, so 8 cups meant 8 sips and a cheers to good times.

On the way out, there was a monkey in the perfect spot. Can you see him?

(Behind the orange Sunset sign). Sunday meant a trip to Nevis with Derek, his visiting family, and more pals - new and old. You knew this was going to be interesting when Derek provided the safety lesson on how to put on the life jackets.

The guys had dropped a fishing line behind the boat and within no time had caught a couple of fish. I can't believe they saved those tiny things.

Then it was time to float.

I think I would have been (involuntarily) in if I hadn't been holding my non-water-proof camera.

Michael was all excited to shoot interior/underwater shots of the wreck (from Hurricane Earl) but his camera died as soon as he swam up to it. I hate it when that happens...Mr. X couldn't restrain himself though and brought back two items from the wreck - two useless items.....

Time to head to Nevis. If X is here...

then who's driving the boat? Oh no.

BTW, is that the Coast Guard coming up behind him?

Nope, it was the Four Seasons ferry. And then we were at Sunshine's.

Michael & I had eaten before the trip not expecting a big menu for vegetarians (and wanting to save $). It's a good thing, because it took a looooooooooong time for everyone to get fed (over 30 people ordering at one time). Once the food came, the portions were huge. I did order a Diet Coke and was shocked when I then paid $8EC for it. Ouch. I bought my next one at Chevy's next door and paid the usual $5EC.

With full tummies, some people floated.

Some people played volley ball.

Some people sunned.

If that's not the perfect day, I'm not sure what is. And then it was time to head back.

A tropical wave (atmospheric) is crossing the island and storms started to surround us, but we only got spritzed once on the way back and were dancing under the bimini anyway, so didn't care.

We buzzed all the boats in White House bay.  I used to hate when people would do that to us; now we're one of them.

I loved the shots of the white sun circle behind this beautiful boat.

We also annoyed all the patrons at Shipwreck. I think we were mooned, so it's probably best this photo is slightly blurred.

When we weren't being obnoxious, we waved at the sheep on the cliffs and just admired the view.

So yes, there was the usual boogying.

And the usual shenanigans (I'm still giving my body a break after Thursday's ridiculousness so am not the lush I seem). Most of what happened I politely declined to capture on film. Sunshine's signature Killer Bee rum punch really did a number on some people - one of whom fell off the dock at the end of the night and into the water, requiring rescuing.

Ah yes, making memories....

Upon our return, we had received this email from our property management team:

Last night one of our residents was robbed without breaking into the villa but by fishing for objects from a second floor window through burglar bars and while an alarm was set.

Of course, then we were being advised on how to turn our home into a fortress. We don't have anything anyone would want and if they want it they can have it, so refuse to imprison ourselves any more than we already are. Jeez.

So this week we decide our fate one way or another.