Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I'm trying to keep any weather-related stuff on StormCarib, since it can get repetitive. Hey! There's a storm coming - will it hit or won't it? It's raining and windy! Here comes another one. Will it or won't it?....

But I'll just do a quick commentary here as acknowledgement that I'm watching this system, which still has a ways to go. At this point, anything can happen. It can run into wind shear, Saharan dust, and other atmospheric conditions that can tear up a storm, turn it, speed it up, slow it down, etc.  This morning, all the spaghetti models generated by various computer programs thought this one would go pretty far south of us, but they've been creeping northward ever since.

2am, August 1st
2pm, August 1st

An analysis on Crown Weather suggested Barbados and St. Lucia keep careful watch and expect some action by Friday or Saturday, but a later post by WeatherUnderground thinks we'll see this as Tropical Depression Five soon and should worry about heavy rains by early Friday. Note: I also use AccuWeather among others in case you want to read more. This just might ruin our Nevis hash...

How should you prepare (and prepare now, so you're not running around like chickens later or fighting people for things in the market aisles)?
  • Have canned goods, flashlights/batteries/candles and water on hand. And not just drinking water. The water can be out for days/weeks so save some in sinks, buckets, trash cans etc. for showers/toilets/dish washing too.
  • Put valuable items/important papers somewhere you can grab them in case of emergency and keep protected from rain (say, in case your roof comes off). 
  • Have a plan for your pet(s). 
  • Fuel up your vehicles/generators & maybe one extra container.
  • Take a little cash out of the bank - but not too much, remember we have a theft problem here. As a matter of fact, keep a baseball bat & bug spray handy so you can knock such a fool out and/or spritz him in the eyes should he attempt to take advantage of the situation. 
  • Charge up everything while you have electricity/back up your phones/computers.
  • If you've got a friend with a generator, be really nice to them and consider taking your frozen groceries to their freezer for a while. You'll likely need them to charge up your stuff eventually too - especially if electricity is out for a long time.
  • Know where your nearest hurricane shelter is, in case you need it.
  • If you have shutters, shut them (or at least test them).
  • Make sure there aren't any big tree limbs that can come down on your place. You might want to shore up trees on your property so they don't topple over too.
  • Bring in your outdoor furniture.
  • If you live in an area prone to flooding, consider makeshift sandbags to put at your door/patio bottoms.
  • Have duct tape and towels handy. If you didn't know you had a leak somewhere, you'll find out now.
We need to dry out from the two days of rain we had here that got our ghauts flowing again and knocked out a road that was under repair and now needs a bit more repair (that's a portion of College St.).

Keeth France

This storm/wave seems to be taking a more northerly track as time goes on so, it's possible (likely?) that we'll get some weather from it, if only from the back end (so to speak), so I will be watching to see if our 4-day holiday weekend is going to be impacted by rain. Prepare for flooding folks.

Unfortunately, CrownWeather mentions another vigorous wave due to come off the African coast and develop into something that threatens our chain the following weekend (the 11th). Considering we now have to start making travel plans, this is not the best news, but that's life in the Caribbean in the summertime.

BTW, today marks the 42nd Anniversary of the ferry Christena sinking, taking about 233 passengers to their deaths (the true count is unknown since there was no real documentation as to who was on the boat). So many people died that it impacted just about every single family on both St. Kitts and Nevis. A documentary was created on the subject and a number of memorials have been build since the accident. Hopefully a disaster like that will never happen here again.