Saturday, August 11, 2012

Michael the Salesman

Last night, we went out to say good-bye to someone who's getting ready to leave the island and won't be back before we leave. Of course, what's left of the usual crowd was TGIFing it. Michael had the golf clubs in his car and mentioned he needed a buyer, and just like that they were sold. Except that Derek said he wanted them for "the kids" and bought them off the other guy for $5 more. I had kind of wished we had some other stuff in the car, because selling to people who were drinking was going to be easy!

This morning, Michael went to the boot sale/flea market that goes on every Saturday morning, near the ECCB and Kim Collins Highway (map), and took all our stuff.

I had planned on going, but there wasn't enough room in the car for us all, so off he went. Before he could even get it out of the car, he was swarmed with people asking "How much?!" I know there's the saying "Once person's junk..." but ours really wasn't junk. They were things we used but couldn't take back with us. Plus, we weren't trying to get rich, we really wanted to offload these things to people who could use them. Michael said it was utter madness and people seemed genuinely excited about what they were grabbing. When it was all said and done, he came back with this.

He even sold the big tv and he hadn't even brought it down. Michael's my new hero. Our big stuff (treadmill, Adirondack chairs, patio table/chairs) was sold last week, although the living-room set is still in play. We rewarded ourselves with some Indian food paid for from some of our proceeds. It was delicious once again, and we are both thoroughly stuffed.Burping

We have lots of tab curtains to get rid of, but we can't take them down until the day we leave, so aren't sure what we'll do with those. We've decided we're going to send some of our things back in one box. That'll leave us with two suitcases, 2 cats, and the computer to take on the planes. Everything we own - in one box and two suitcases. We have less things now than we did when we left Arizona 6 years ago (a lot of things went onto Jacumba). Pathetic and somehow liberating.

Friday will be Michael's last day as an employed person. I see a celebratory hang-over coming for him and on OMG! hang-over for me in our future.

Winds are increasing here thanks to what's left of TD7 and we'll probably get some rain tonight and into tomorrow. I'm hoping it clears by afternoon so we can enjoy our beach - we're running out of time!