Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Blast from the Past!

Hi everyone - Renee here. Some of you original Island Babble readers know I started this blog in 2009 after 3 years of traveling and living on a sailboat (a tale shared in A Sail of Two Idiots). We lived and worked on St. Kitts for 4 years (adopted 2 island kitties), and then ended up back in the U.S. when the job situation went kapoot. After being outside the U.S. for 7 years, it was quite an adjustment returning. Traffic lights? Driving at 75mph+.  Road rage. "Do Not" signs everywhere. A country in a constant state of excitability. Yes, when you want things done, an island can be a frustrating place due to its slow pace, and why oh why do stores constantly run out of Diet Coke/Pepper (my morning coffee), but sheesh - slow the heck down! Breathe.

We've both been back to St. Kitts once since our Sept 2012 departure and it still felt like home. This visit, 2 years later, feels no different. It feels like we never left. As soon as we saw the island from the air, our whole demeanor changed. We relaxed.

I documented our first day here on my Scoop Fountain Hills blog, but since that blog is about Arizona, I'll be documenting our stay here on Island Babble. As you may know, I handed my blog over to Ben who's been documenting his experiences on-island, but he headed back to the U.S. for good himself. Is this the end? May be...

As Ben posted previously, the Hash House Harriers 20th Anniversary hash is coming up and will entail 4 days of craziness, starting tomorrow (Thursday). There is also a regatta on Saturday, and the annual Latin Festival on Sunday. Can we fit all this in? Dunno, but we're going to try!

Renee P.