Monday, October 13, 2014

Tropical Storm Gonzalo Monday Morning

The wind gusts are just starting to pick up here as Tropical Storm Gonzalo swirls away just off to our east.

We haven't had much rain yet but its on it's way soon. I hope everyone has taken precautions to stock up on food, flashlights, or gasoline/diesel fuel for your generators. I would also recommend charging up all your electronics and doing your laundry if needed because with gusts like they are reporting out of Antigua our electricity will be guaranteed to be out.

Read this post from a correspondent for in Antigua:

"I have been on the telephone with my friends in Antigua and they are having a really, really rough time, it appears that they have been taken by surprise by the ferocity of TS Gonzalo, a gust has been recorded so far at 102 MPH. It will be upgraded to a hurricane soon if not already.  We hope everyone stays safe and that damage is kept to a minimum."

I can't imagine 102 mph gusts here but if they're there in Antigua we'll definitely get them here in St. Kitts because the storm has only strengthened since yesterday.

Anyways,most stores like Rams Supermarket are closed today as well as Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. I heard that Best Buy Supermarket is open but the stock is slim already. The problem is that they can't bring in a cargo ship and replenish the stores like they do every week, not to mention the usual haulers with trucks won't be out delivering to smaller stores.

I'm not intending to scare anyone but just be aware of what you should need for a few days. Make sure the storm is completely past us before you venture out and by all means, stay out of the ghauts and don't park in the ghauts no matter how small they look at the moment. We were caught off guard twice in the first few months when we arrived and were basically cooped up for three days each time.

It seems like a climatic and boring waiting game when these storms move so slowly and that is also what makes them such a hassle because they'll hang over the island and swirl like a toilet for a few days sometimes since they move at 10 miles per hour. All the while they'll be dropping rain amounts you've never seen before on you.

You can read about the two tropical storms we weathered here in my posts two years ago: Tropical Storm Raphael Part 1  and Tropical Storm Raphael Part 2

This storm two years ago, almost to the day, is what produced this famous picture that made it to CNN.

We've been very lucky since then but it looks like there might be another storm setting up behind Gonzalo for a one-two combination. We'll have to wait and see.

I'll update as much as possible. The internet connection is the deciding factor. Stay Safe and visit Storm Carib, the best Caribbean storm site according to me.

This photo I borrowed not from Storm Carib but from a friends facebook page. the arrow is St. Kitts.

And look at where the Eye Wall is now!!!