Saturday, September 25, 2010

Go Kristen!

It seems I'm not the only one gunning for the spotlight. I just wanted to give my pal Kristen a shout out for making it into her local newspaper. We met her sailing the Caribbean; she and her husband (doctor in training) are now living on a boat in a Philly marina. Kristen is also a writer and trying to figure out how to make a career of it. It seems neither of us care (much) about how we end up seeing our name in print (or videoin my case), although we're going for famous (a.k.a. J.K. Rowling) not notorious (Lindsey Lohan). Actually, I don't think we're going for famous either; I think we'd both be happy if we could just make a decent living with it. Anywho...Kristen contacted a local paper to add her two-cents to an issue with a bus company and ended up interviewed and photographed (2nd photo). You go girl! BTW, here's the link if you want to follow her blog.