Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Visit!

Yay! I got to see my Mom and Uncle Taso. Sadly it was only for about 6 hours, but it was nice to touch base with them again. They came in on a cruise ship - on a day there were 4 - 2 big ones and 2 clipper ships.

I don't get back to the States often (it's been a few years) and my Mom hasn't been here since Feb 2010, so it was nice to be able to to share a few hugs. Taso had never been here, so we crammed about 2-3 days worth of stuff into our allotted time. We started by taking them to our house - why? Because they brought us lots of stuff! So much stuff it came in a suitcase (and a garbage bag) and caught the attention of customs... It was worth it though (or at least we thought so). Thanks guys! We dropped the goodies off, gave my Mom her Christmas presents to take back with her, and then did a quick check of the complex pool. Nice timing when one of the clipper ships sailed" by.

Then we headed to the SE Peninsula so my Mom could see how much work Michael had accomplished since her last visit and Taso could take it all in too (he's an engineer and loves stuff like this). We had a rare opportunity (for us) to have a meal at The Pavilion so couldn't pass that up. The dishes are the same as at The Beach House, and are fun with all their quirky shapes (yummy home made potato chips).

We even got a tour of one of the bungalows (I had never seen them either, Michael never takes me anywhere). Yep, I could get used this lifestyle...We also took them to our favorite overlook above Turtle Beach Estates.

Then we headed for Brimstone Hill Fortress and a somewhat quickie tour. We've been here several times now (one prior post), so I didn't take a million pictures, but here are a few.  I think an escalator is in order.

Cannons aimed at Statia and Saba (we could even see St. Martin & St. Barths out there), the hills, and Nevis.

Fort Kitty (ghost?).

Views, views, views.

Going down!

Then it was time to check out Rawlin's Plantation and Kate Spencer's studio (my Mom's an artist too and likes her work). Unfortunately, the gallery was closed, but here's a quick vista shot from Rawlins (Statia in the distance).

We ended up skipping the Golden Lemon and The Black Rocks, and ended up at Ottley's Plantation for a quick drink. We've gone here many times too, we like the view and the trails (here's one prior post or just blog search on Ottley), but here are a few more to wet your whistle.

It turned out to be a very quick drink when my Mom started questioning the ship's departure time. Was it 4? 4:30? It left later in St. Martin... It was now 3:45, so it was time to see how fast we could take the narrow, windy streets toward Port Zante. Go Mikey go! We got there at about 4:10 and were told they needed to be on the ship by 4:30. Whew! Except that now we had to say good-bye. Whaaaa!

A send-off from the a carnival clown troupe.

Whaaaa! Three ships getting ready to leave.

We then watched them head into the sunset. Whaaa!

Sniffle. Some consolation was the stuff they left behind.

We'll be able to think of them as we sit under our new beach umbrella, open Christmas presents by our two Christmas decorations (both from a VA Dollar Store), read our magazines and snack on junk food. Life is full.